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ULLadu Narpadu - 102
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Muruganar covers in some more verses, in his Padamalai, the message of Verses 17 and 18 of ULLadu Narpadu:

The ideas of 'I' and 'mine':-

Verse 1137:  Those whose tamasic minds are overspread with the
darkness of worldly bondage (Paasam), and whose nature is obsessed with the "I" and "mine" are said to be stupid people.

Verse 2888:  The thought "I" that arises first in the Heart, is the cause of thoughts of "mine" and "for me".

Verse 1707: The ultimate reality, which is eternal, is just Being
that exists devoid of "I" and "mine".

Verse 167:  Since inner attachments will afflict you like a contagious disease through all the many births, relinquish it.

Verse 2128: If the experience of the Self merges with you, the base delusion of "I" and "mine" will be dead.

Renunciation of individual identity:-

Verse 1714:  The best kind of renunciation is remaining in the stae in which the mind holds extremely tight to the Swarupam.

Verse 1685:  Knowing one's real nature, the abiding truth, is merely
renouncing one's infatuation for the triputis  (ego, karma and maya
or the self, the world and the personal god)  that veil it.

Verse 1042:  If you attain perfect mastery of internal renunciation,
external renunciation will have no importance.

(Internal renunciation or Aha thuravu in Tamil, is renunciation of the ego.  External renunciation is giving up possessions.  Only the
former results in enlightenment)

In Talks No. 404, Bhagavan Ramana gives the story of Chudala
and her royal husband Sikhidvaja, who unnecessarily gave up
his kingdom and retired to the forest to seek enlightenment.     

Verse 1375: For those who have abandoned their ego-mind, what
other things besides that are left that are worthy of being renounced?

Verse 2298:  Renunciation, glorious and immaculate, is the total
expiration of the impure ego-mind.

Verse 1290:  Only those who have renounced he ego-mind have truly renounced.  What have all the others, who may have given up othe things, really renounced?     

(Refer also here Talks No. 503.)

Arunachala Siva.