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Panchadasi - (62)
« on: August 22, 2008, 05:01:29 PM »
The Chapter II continues...

Verse 58:-  Sruti, the wellwisher of the questioner, being
asked whether Maya pervades the whole or part of Brahman,
speaks of the partless as having parts in order to explain the
non dual nature of Brahman, by giving illustrations.

Verse 59:- With Brahman, as its basis, Maya created  the
various objects of the world, just as a variety of pictures
are drawn on a wall by the use of different colours.

Verse 60:- The first modification of May is Akasa, the Space.
Its nature is space that is, it gives room to things to exist and
expand.  Akasa, derives its existence from Brahman, its

Verse 61:-  The nature of Brahman is existence only.  Brahman
is spaceless, but Akasa, has both space and existence as its nature.

Verse 62:- Akasa also has the property of conveying and
communicating sound, which Brahman, does not have. Thus
Akasa, has two properties, sound and existene, whereas Brahman
has only one - existence.

Verse 63:-  The same Sakti, the power, that is Maya, which has
conjured up akasa, in the real entity, Sat or Existence, has also
produced the differences between them, as of substance and
property, in the reverse way, after having shown their identity.

Verse 64:-  It is Sat, which appears as akasa, but ordinary
people, and the logicians say that existence is a property of
akasa.  This is only to be expected, because Maya is a conjurer!

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.