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ULLadu Narpadu - 96
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We shall see Verses 17 and 18 of main text of ULLadu Narpadu:

These two verses are composed in the toughest manner possible
by Bhagavan Ramana.  The words are closely packed, to suit the
metre and a few words here and there have to lifted out of their
places and fixed in some other line, or on the same line later, to
get the meaning.  This is permissible in any poetic form.  For example,
a phrase like Who am I? may appear as "am I who?"  or "I who am?".

Original Tamil version of Bhagavan Ramana:

Verse 17:

Udal naane tannai unaraku unarndarku
Udal aLave naantaan unararku - udaLuLLe
Tan unarn-darku ellai ara taan oLirum naaniduve
Innarardam bedha mena yennu vai. 

Verse 18:

Ulahu unmai yaahum unarvillaarku uLLaarku
Ulahu aLavam unmai unaraaruku - ulahinukku
Aadara maai uruvattraaum unarndaar unmai
Idaahum bedam ivarku ennuha.

Sanskrit Version:  Kavyakanta Ganapati Sastri

Verse 17:

Dehaatma bhaave jna jadau samaanau
Eksya dehe hrdi dipta aatmaa |
Aakramya deham cha jagac cha poornah
Parasya meyam tanu maatram aatmaa ||

Verse 18:

Ajnasya vijnasya cha visvam asti
Poorvasya drsyam jagad eva satyam |
Parasya drsyaasrya bhootam ekam
Satyam parapoornam pravibhaaty-arupam ||

Sanskrit Version:  Lakshmana Sarma

Svo deho bhavati dvayoraviduso vijnaatatattvsya cha
Svam dehaavadhikam prthak paravibhorajano jano manyate |
Bhaatveyam mahatee bhidaassti hi tayossvajnasya chajnaasya cha ||


The two verses speak about the points of view of Jnani and Ajnani,
with regard to the body and the world.

This body is "I", both to the Jnani who has realized the Self and to
the Ajnani who has not.  To the ignorant, who has not realized, the
awareness of "I" (of Atman) is limited to the body.  Body itself is the Atman to him.  To the Jnani, who has realized the Self within the
body, "I", the Atman, shines everywhere without limit as the very
form of "I" Itself.  This is the difference between the two.  Thus
you should know.

The world is real to both those who have not known the Truth
("That which is") and those who have.  To the ignorant, who have
not realized, Reality is of the dimension of the perceptible world. But to the Jnanis, Reality, the form of truth, shines as the nameless,
formless, effulgent whole, the basic substratum (Source) of the world-appearances and their subsidence.  Know this as the difference between the wise and the ignorant.

Arunachala Siva.