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Ramana Maharshi Devotee Arni Annamalaiswami
« on: May 16, 2010, 09:24:31 AM »
There is little information about Arni Annamalaiswami who served Sri Bhagavan at Virupaksha for a while and later at Skandasramam.

Arni Annamalaiswami first visited the Maharshi at Virupaksha Cave. He later went to Kovilur where he studied some Tamil scriptures. He returned to Skandasramam and served Sri Bhagavan there for two years. Annamalaiswami died in January, 1922 in his 29th year. In the meantime he had composed 36 stanzas in Tamil full of religious fervor which Sri Bhagavan had read out, briefly explaining their meaning.

Sri Kunjuswami, who was to serve Sri Bhagavan for many years, arrived at Skandasramam in January 1922, on the very day Annamalaiswami died of plague. Sri Kunjuswami recollects the incident in his reminiscences as follows:

“When I reached Skandasramam and saw Bhagavan, I was thrilled. At that time my friend, Ramakrishnaswami, Perumalswami and Akhandananda prostrated before Bhagavan. I did likewise. Ramakrishnaswami was pleasantly surprised to see me. He said to Bhagavan, “He is from my village. He has been a sadhu from a very early age. It was he who sent me here.” Bhagavan nodded his head. Then Ramakrishnaswami said to me, “Please stay here. We shall be back soon.” I learned later that Annamalaiswami, an attendant of Bhagavan, had died of the plague and they were going for making arrangements for his burial. I heard someone weeping in the adjoining small room.An old woman cried, “A gem of a fellow has been snatched away. What a tragedy!” Someone was sitting beside her. Turning towards them Bhagavan said pointing to me, “Why are you all so upset? Another son has come here to fill his place.” I did not understand the significance of these words at that time. I came to know later that the old lady was Bhagavan’s mother and the gentleman who was beside her was Niranjanananda Swami,Bhagavan’s brother.

6-2-46 Night.

After parayana, a person came and told Bhagavan “we are going to our village tomorrow morning”. Bhagavan said ‘Yes’ and the person left. Turning to the attendant, Bhagavan said, “Have they been given?” The attendant went out,enquired, came back and reported, “They have not yet been given. But things have been reserved to be given to them.” I was wondering what all this was about. Bhagavan told me,“There was one Annamalaiswami when I was at the Asramam on the hill (i.e.; Skandasramam).He died in Thai of 1922 and was buried near Eesanya math. This is his Guru puja or death anniversary. His relations come and celebrate it every year. They feed poor people there and leave some rice, etc., here. We give them our prasadam (vadai, pongal, etc.). It is usual to sing the songs composed by that Annamalaiswami on such Guru puja days, with our Tamil parayana. I don’t know what they propose to do today.” I said, “If that has been the custom, we shall certainly do the same today. Why should there be any doubt about it?” Meanwhile Balaram asked Bhagavan who that Annamalaiswami was.Bhagavan thereupon took out the life of Bhagavan brought out by Kamath with 111 illustrations and showed us a group photo in which that Annamalaiswami is standing at the right hand end of the picture.

Bhagavan said,“Mother used to be very fond of him. He died in Thai . She passed away in Vaikasi.