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ULLadu Narpadu - 94
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The verses 14,15 and 16 of ULLadu Narapdu have also been
commented in Guru Vachaka Kovai, the magnum opus of Muruganar.

Verse 465:  The One continues to exist as the sole existing entity,
at all times and in all places and from time immemorial.  Therefore,
other than that One, which is inescapably present as one's own Reality,
all times and all places will, becoming mere concepts cease to exist.

Bhagavan says in Day by Day entry dated 10th April 1946:

"In reality, saying "We must see Brahman in everything and everywhere" is also not quite correct.  Only that stage is final
where there is no seeing, where there is no time or space.  There will be no seer, seeing, nor an object to see.  What exists then is
only the infinite eye."

Bhagavan's Verse 16 of ULLadu Narpadu is translated as:

"When we investigate, where is time and where is space apart from ourselves?  If we are the body, then we will be caught up in time
and space - but are we the body?  Now, then and always, we are the same One.  In space, here, there and everywhere we are the same
One.  We alone exist, the 'we' in which there is neither space nor

Verse 477:  God will grant himself here and now to whomsoever
offers himself to God. Only he who has lost himself and whose consciousness has taken the form of That (Brahman) will revel in the experience of the pure, unchanging and eternal Sivam.

Muruganar's comments under this verse:

Kandar Anubhuti Verse 2:

Muruga, Lord of the Devas and the Earth!
Are you not the Blithe One,
The one who is without anxiety, the yogic sage,
The Sweetly Spoken One, bringer of Mirth,
The Performer of Divine Sports?
Speak of the goodly state
In which the "I" is lost,
Causing all bonds to perish along with it!

These words of Arunagiri Natha, (the saint poet who wrote this verse), express the state of ripened Jnana.  That is, to offer one's
body, possessions, soul and individuality to God.  Saint Poet Tayumanavar also says about his Guru, "On the very day he came as a Mouni (silent sage) and accepted in his hands my body, possessions, and soul saying, 'These are mine', at that very moment { there and then or here and now} that self surrender is accomplished.  Siva bodham is attained through the grace of God.  To emphasize this it has been said "here and now"     

Saint Manikkavachagar says the same idea in an extremely elegant way, vide Tiruvachakam, Kovil Tiru Padigam (The Decad on the Temple - Chidambaram) , Verse 10:-

What You have given is Yourself.
What You took in exchange, O Sankara is lowly me,
Who is the wiser of the two?.....

(Tr. David Godman)

Arunachala Siva.