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ULLadu Narpadu - 92
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Smt.T.R. Kanakammal, gives the commentary on Verse 16.  (only

While the previous verse (No. 15) proves the unreality of Time and
that 'what is' is the changeless, timeless Eternity, this one proves
the unreality of Space as we use it in empirical usage, created,
fragmented and classified by our minds.  Space and Time appear only
with reference to our existence (in a body-mind frame) and have no
independent existence of their own.  If we identify ourselves a the
body, we will be bound by Space and Time and will make statements
like we are born at such and such a place and time.  The changeless,
eternal, omnipresent Atman, unconditioned by space, is our real form.  Space and Time are not germane to us.  The nomad of Jiva
is the one who wanders after time and place that have no existence of their own.

{Once some visitor came to Bhagavan and happily informed that his
date of birth and Bhagavan's date birth are one and the same.  Bhagavan smiled and said:  "Oye, Why only date of birth?  We are always one and the same!"}

Bhagavan Ramana says in Talks No. 625:  "The idea of time is only
in the mind.  It is not in the Self.  There is no time for the Self.
Time arises as an idea only after the ego arises.  But you are the Self, beyond time and space.  You exist even in the absence of time and space."

Once these two are negated, all the triputis stand automatically
negated as well.  Therefore the Self dwells in the eternal now and we are That.

{Saint Manikkavachagar sings in Uyirunni Pathu (Decad on the eating of Jiva), verses 508 and 514 in Tiruvachakam, as under:

Verse 508:  I do not know me.  I do not know the day becoming night. I am gone beyond the mind.   The Lord of Tiruperundurai,
who rides over an angry bull has made me mad, I only know Him
and He is the Effulgence, my Master, in me.

Verse 514:  I know what remains.  I do not know that I am living.
Oh, Hara, the rare Medicine, my Nectar, the Lord of Tiruperundurai, who adorns the red flowers, is remaining in my Heart, and ever
stays as Yaan  (Thaan). }

In deep sleep, when the mind is in suspended animation, none is aware of time and space.  Only when we wake up, the ego sprouts, identifies itself with the body and creates time and space, locates not merely in the body but also in the world.   The firm and strong belief that 'I am the body', reinforced by vasanas of the same feeling over innumerable and successive births, is the reason for this experience.

Bhagavan Ramana also composed a verse (Stray Verses, Tani PakkaL) with this as its content.

Naamandri naadedu naam nammai naadadu
Naamudal endrennil nami naaLunnum* - namundambo**
Namindru chendravaru naaLendrum ondradanaaL
Naamundu naaLundu*** naam.

(* The Time will eat us.  ** Are we the body?
    *** We will eat the Time!)

"But for us, where is Time?  If we, without seeking our Self, think we are but this body, Time will eat us up.  Are we the body?  At all times we are the Self who has eaten up the time."         

Talks No. 480 runs like this:

Once a visitor asked Bhagavan, "What is the future of the earth?"
Bhagavan Ramana replied:  "Time and Space are functions of thoughts.  If thoughts do not arise, there will be no future or earth."

Arunachala Siva.