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ULLadu Narpadu - 89
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Sri Lakshmana Sarma covers the ideas of Verses 14,15, and 16 of
ULLadu Narpadu in many verses in his Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad:

Verse 396:  Since the one named Jiva does not exist, how can we
think of his bondage or deliverance?  There is neither bondage nor
deliverance for the Real Self, who remains unswervingly whole and
alone in His Own True State.

Verse 397:  The Jiva comes to be taken as real by the failure to
discriminate rightly, due to the mutual false identification of the
two, viz., this body which is limited in space and time and the Self,
who is only Consciousness, and unlimited by those two, space and

Verse 398:  Assuming that one particular body is oneself, then
concluding that that body is real, and seeing many (other) bodies
as real the ignorant man sees different souls in them.

Verse 399:  The One Real Self, being really undivided, is taken as
being divided into parts in many bodies, which are all unreal.  The
ignorant one looks upon that Whole, formless Self, as having form and therefore also as many.

Verse 400:  As a seer of a cinema-show, seeing a new picture every moment, thinks them all to be one, so the ignorant man seeing a new body every moment, thinks that all of them, are one and the same.

(The cinema screen example is not indicated by Bhagavan Ramana in the text.  However Sri Lakshmana Sarma has used it here.)

Verse 401:  Thus all the time his mind is imagining a new Jiva in a
new body every moment.  Hence the sages say that this Jiva is both
momentary and unreal.

Verse 402:  The man who has not experienced his own Real Self, thinking "I am this body" sees himself as "I", the first person, sees another person whom he calls as "you", and in another body sees a third person as "he" (or "she" or "it")

Verse 403:  These three distinct persons are not real, becaue they are seen because of the false notion "I am the body".  When the Jiva (ego) is lost as the result of the quest of the Real Self, then only that Self, who is only Consciousness, will shine.

Verse 404:  To one who thinks of himself as a Jiva (or a body or a mind) a plurality of Jivas will appear.  But to the Sage who is freed from this ignorance, no Jiva will appear.

Verse 406:  Like the screen light is the Real Self; like the pictures are the Jivas.  Thus the appearance of a plurality of souls does not affect the final Truth of Experience, the Oneness of the Self.

Verse 407:  One believes in the plurality of selves by believing that the soul is the Real Self; but he does not know the Real Self (by Experience), being misled by his belief in multiplicity.

Verse 408:  As in the waters in  separate vessels there appear many different images of the one moon, so in the minds within bodies
there appear many Jivas, which are only reflected images (of the One Real Self.)

Verse 409:  As the real moon is only one, so the Real Self is only One.  As there are many reflections of the moon, so there are seen as many JIvas.

Verse 410:  As, when one reflected image of the moon is lost, the other images go on appearing as before, so when one pseudo-
consciousness ( a Jiva) dies, the others, continue to appear as before, though unreal. 

(Verses 408 to 410 are typical advaitic similes, a la Gaudapada
and Sri Sankara.)

Arunachala Siva.