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ULLadu Narpadu - 91
« on: May 15, 2010, 11:59:35 AM »

Bhagavan Ramana speaks about the ideas of time, present, past
and future in Verse 15 of ULLadu Narapdu.  He again covers the
NaaL (time) and Nadu (country = space) in Verse 16.  Muruganar
covers these ideas in his Padamalai verses.

David Godman writes:  It should be remembered that in Bhagavan's
teachings time and space, and the inevitable divisions that are inherent in them, are all part of the false consciousness - the Suttarivu - point out - in Tamil, that projects a false world and simultaneously an observer who sees it.

Verse 1968:  That which exists is only the Present.  Past and Future
encountered when the present is disregarded.  They are opposed
to the Present.     

These are exactly what is shown in Verses 15 and 16 of ULLadu Narpadu.

Verse 1684:  That which is perceived as time and space is nothing other than Reality, the Self that is pure consciousness.

Verse 845:  Destruction is only for time and space.  There is absolutely no movement for the Self, the supreme reality.

Day by Day entry dated 18.3.1946 also deals with this.

Verse 216:  Give up forever the "tomorrow", which is false, and which never exists, and know the Truth of today.

Verse 1582:  Those who do not realize the Present firmly in their
Heart, which is the Truth, will be lost in the other (times, future and past) through joy (and misery)

(Translations - David Godman)

Then, what is called Individual identity?  For the beginners it is
Jiva (the mind/body/prana complex) and for the realized it is non
existent or Bliss, Pure Sivam.

Padamalai Verses:

Verse 1710:  Jiva-nature - the ignorant ego that does not remain
in the pure true, Jnana Vichara - is a non existent entity.

Verse 2637:  If the delusion of the Jiva, the false I am the body
idea, is destroyed, the nature of the Jiva will be the form of true
bliss, Sivam.

Sri Aksharamana Maalai verse 73 also speaks this.

Verse 1460:  The Jiva that has parted from the ego, will shine
as the superlative space of consciousness, transcending the
further extremities of the universe.

Verse 1374:  For your Jiva, the only true connection is with the state of bliss.  How, then, is there association with the miserable world?

(Bhagavan Ramana's Vichara Sangraham also describes this.)

Verse 2249:  Unless the Jiva knows that its own essential nature
is matchless bliss, it will, like the musk deer, be confused.

Verse 1447:  If the Jiva parts company with the clarity of consciouness, it will not find intimacy anywhere else.

Verse 2077:  Only the unique truth of oneself can become the haven for the Jiva.  Other than this, no other truth exists, anywhere at any time.

(See also Sri Ramana Darsanam)

Arunachala Siva.