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Bhagavan Ramana's Aradhana - 11.05.2010 (4)
« on: May 14, 2010, 03:43:29 PM »

We stayed back in the Asramam after lunch and simply relaxed
sitting at the Samadhi Hall.  Around 2.30 PM, the Odhuvars (Saivite
singers) resumed their music.  On day 2, they sang again a number of
songs from Tevaram and Tiruvachakam.  I did not know by heart,
many of the Tevaram songs.  But the one in Tiruvachakam, in
Kuzhaitha Pathu (Decad on Melting), Verse 7 was really heart melting.  Bhagavan Ramana also had composed a song similar to that in Sri Arunachala Nava Mani Maalai, Verse 7.

Manikkavachagar says in Kuzhaitha Pathu:

Even on the other day, you have
   taken hold of my jiva, body and my possessions,
O Hill like Lord, what obstacles are there for me?
O the Lord with eight shoulders and three eyes, my Lord,
You may do good for me or bad for me, I am not the cause for

I think nothing can describe the self surrender better than this.

Along with Tevaram and Tiruvachakam, the singers also sang from
Tiruppugazh of Arunagiri Nathar.  These were on Swamimalai and
Tiruttani.  Finally, they concluded the programme with the famous
last song of Sri Kandhar Anubhuti.  It was 3.45 PM.

The crowd adjourned for tea and then resumed sitting in the Hall.
The crowd was melting down slowly.  In the evening, there was
a simple abhisheka for Ramaneswara Maha Lingam and Arti.  The
arti was shown by 6.00 PM.  The second day's evening Tamil
parayana then resumed.  (Between tea and 5.30 PM, we quickly
went around the Hill by the road in car.)  The second day parayana was the Tuesday parayana of Upadesa Undiyar and ULLadu Narpadu, the main text and supplement.  They concluded the programme around 7 PM.  There was equally a gorgeous dinner at 7 pm.  The devotees/visitors would have been around 1000.

We returned to the guest house.  On the third day, we had plans to go to Arunachaleswara Temple.

Arunachala Siva.   


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Re: Bhagavan Ramana's Aradhana - 11.05.2010 (4)
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2010, 05:13:28 PM »
Super post subramanian sir! as always! thanks to even i had manasa darsanam of bhagavan on aradhana day!