Author Topic: Bhagavan Ramana's 60th Aradhana - 11.05.2010 (3)  (Read 1200 times)


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Bhagavan Ramana's 60th Aradhana - 11.05.2010 (3)
« on: May 14, 2010, 02:01:29 PM »

On 11th morning, the Day 2, the festivities in the Asramam had
started at 5.30 AM.  There was melodious Nadaswaram music at
the early morning.  The Samadhi Hall had been nicely decorated.
There were plantain leaves on either side of the Hall.  A beautiful
PrabhavaLi (nice semi circular flower arrangement was kept ready
for placing it at the rear of Ramaneswara Mahalingam. 

In the early morning, after Nadaswaram, Tamil parayana was chanted
for sometime.  Meantime, the priests were making arrangements for
the detailed abhishekam and adornment.  There was a break between
7 am 7.30 am for breakfast.  Then the abhishekam ceremonies started on a grand scale.  There were abhishekams with water,
coconut water, milk, sandal paste water, and vibhuti.  Rudram
- Namakam and Chamakam and Brigu Valli, Siksha Valli and
Ananda Valli of Taittiriya Upanishad were chanted by Vedapatasala
boys and elders.  Then the adornment started.  Nice silken dhotis
with green and red borders were taken and with one such dhoti,
the Lingam was throughly dried.  Then the priests dexterously adorned the second silken dhoti, round and round the lingam!

Here was a Brahma Jnani, who never wore anything other than a khadi codpiece in His 54 years' life in Tiruvannamalai, was thus
given a gorgeous attire!  Then on the top of the Lingam was placed a golden gasket and then a silver head gear.  The PrabhavaLi was
then placed behind the Lingam.

Then the detailed arti started.  Various types of artis, chatram, chamaram, mirror etc., were displayed as a mark of respect before
the Lingam.  Then the final arti came.  By this time, the Samadhi
Hall became full, with about 1000 devotees.  And many hundred
devotees were standing outside the closed gates of Samadhi Hall. 

The queue for the grand lunch was then regulated in Q system. 
The regular dining hall and also the place outside (now covered
by shamiana and the ground neatly polished with cowdung paste
and dried up like a cement floor) were ready for lunch.

Two or three batches might have taken food on that noon.

Arunachala Siva.