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Panchadasi - (58)
« on: August 22, 2008, 03:08:43 PM »
The Chapter II continues...

Verse 27:-  As man who has fallen into the sea, is bewildered
and loses the power of exercising his senses, so they too become
afraid and nervous when they hear of the Reality as only
without parts!

Verse 28:- The teacher Gaudapada speaks of the great fear
of some yogins who are devoted to Brahman with form,
regarding the objectless superconscious state.

(Maandukya Upanishad, Gaudapada Karika 3.39)

Verse 29:- This identification with the ungrasped and ungraspable
Reality is difficult to achieve.  But, they are indeed, seeing the fear in
the fearless. 

(Gaudapada's Asparsa Yoga, in Karika, the touch of the untouch.)

Verse 30:- The highly respected Bhagavatpada Sankara, also refers
to the Madhyamikas, experts in dry rationcination, contradicting
the Vedic views, as confused regarding the self-existent Brahman,
who is beyond thought.

Verse 31:-  These Buddhists merged in darkness and seeing through
the one of inference and neglecting the authority of the Vedas, reached
only 'nothingness'.

Verse 33:- The sun does not have the attributes of darkness. Nor
is it itself of the nature of darkness.  As existence and nonexistence
are similarly contradictory.  You cannot predicate something about
nothing, so how do you say 'nothing existed'?

Verse 34:-(Buddhists):- According to your Vedanta, the names
and forms of Space and other elements are conjured up by Maya,
in or on Sat, the existence or reality.  Similarly, according to us,
they, names and forms, are illusively produced by Maya in or on
Non existence, Asat. (Reply):  Then, may you live long, that is,
you have fallen into a logical trap.  Akasa etc., cannot exist
without the substratum of Brahman and if 'nothing' or Sunya
is also like that, then it also has a real substratum and if so,
you are accepting the Vedantin's position.

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.