Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi Says It Is The Act Of The Current Which Makes Aspirant Get Siddi  (Read 1431 times)


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KAVYAKANTHA Ganapathi Sastri, Kapali Sastri and his wife Parvathammal, enter the hall. They all bow before the Maharshi and take their seats. Many others are present.

Kapali: In respect of the Current working within me, I find a difference in its strength according to the places in which I am in. Is that right?

Maharshi: Yes.

Kapali: I find it working in me more intensely in Tiruvannamalai than elsewhere; more strongly in this hall and in Bhagavan's presence (K. feels thrilled as he speaks).

[After a pause]

Kapali: When after a long struggle and development (by sadhana) one attains siddhi, is the attainment due to his effort or to the action of the Spirit or Power which is the object of his upasana?

Maharshi: It is the action of the Current.

Kapali: So it is not the aspirant's actions that make him get siddhi, but it is the act of the Current?

M: Yes.

Then Kapali Sastriar points to the Maharshi's own case of quitting home, and being drawn to Tiruvannamalai as an instance of the above.

Kapali: Is it That which drew Bhagavan from Madurai to Tiruvannamalai?

M: Yes. You see in the letter left at home at the time of leaving, I first wrote "By His command." And then added above it "In search of my Father." It is He that drew me. I wrote that and left. Also, finding funds was not due to my efforts. My brother of his own accord told me, "You had better take and pay my school fees at the school," and out of the five rupees given for that I took three rupees for the train to Tindivanam. Judging the distance from an out-of-date atlas of India, Tindivanam was the nearest railway station to Tiruvannamalai. Again, the train which usually leaves at 11.45 a.m. was unusually late. I left home after 12 noon for the station and was still there in time to catch it.

The correct information about my destination was given to me by an old Muslim with a silvery white flowing beard, one or two stations after we left Madurai. "Where are you going swami?" he queried. "To Tiruvannamalai and so I have gotten a ticket to Tindivanam," I replied. "You are a strange passenger to go to Tindivanam in route to Tiruvannamalai. I am also going there," he said and added, "and we should change trains at Villupuram. You should not go to Tindivanam at all." He informed me that he was going to Tirukoilur, but strangely I did not find him when after some time I looked for him in the carriage. After that, I did not think of him at all.

Kapali: That must have been Siva. Why call him a Muslim?

[There was a pause in the conversation as Bhagavan remained silent.]

Kapali continued: Did Bhagavan come straight to the temple?

Maharshi: Yes. The doors were all open then and I went straight to the garbhagraham (shrine). There was no one else present.

Kapali: And Bhagavan reported his arrival to Arunachaleswara.

Maharshi: As though Arunachala did not know of it otherwise...!

Kapali: Before Maharshi left, there was previous pan pakkam (process of maturity) going on in his mind, was there not?

M: Yes, for one whole month prior to my departure I had felt like I was a dead man - like a corpse. I imagined to myself, "Now I am a corpse, they will carry this away. I felt I was not the body. I was quite distinct. My ideas were quite transformed from what they were before a complete change.

Kapali: Had the chastisement, "What work is there here for a person who is like this?" been uttered to Bhagavan before the day he left Madurai?

Maharshi: Yes. But earlier it had produced no effect. On that day it was sufficient to make me leave home. The time had come for that.



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Everything happens due to Sakti.  It is she who directs the sadhaks,
to go to a place or leave a place.  This paNpakkam or maturity
is conferred by Sakti.  It becomes possible, when one stays in
God's service.   This staying in God's service, IRai paNi nitral,
as Muruganar calls, makes a person to become Sivam.

That is why, in those days, Saivite saints, were doing a lot of work
also in Siva Temples.  They were carrying a small spade and removed
the unwanted growth of wild plants inside the temple portal or temple garden.  They were bringing pure water for bathing Siva Linga.  They were making sandal paste, flower garlands and plucking bhilwa leaves for pujas.  This makes a person pure and Sakti is pleased and gives them the power to pursue unremitting sadhana
for liberation.  This is called Sariyai and Kriyai.  Yoga comes third.
Then finally Siddhi, that is Jnana is meant here.

Arunachala Siva.