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Panchadasi - (57)
« on: August 22, 2008, 02:13:04 PM »
The Chapter II continues....

Verse 19:- "Before all this was created there was Being alone,
one only, without a second.  So, there was neither name nor
form," said Uttalaka Aruni.  (Chandogya Up. 6.2 and 6.3.2-3)

Verse 20:-  Differences are of three kinds; The difference of
a tree from its leaves, flowers, fruits etc., is the difference
within an object.  The difference of one tree from another tree
is the difference between objects of the same class.  The differences
of a tree from a stone is the difference between objects of
different classes. 

Verse 22:-  One cannot doubt that Brahman, the One and only
reality, has no parts, for Its parts cannot be conceived of.  Names
and forms cannot be Its parts, for before creation, they did not arise.

Verse 23:-  As creation means the appearance of names and
forms, they cannot be before creation.  Therefore, like the
Space, Brahman is partless and also there is no difference within It.

Verse 24:-  The difference between objects of the same class
can have no reference to Sat, for noting else exists.  One object
differs from another on account of its name and form, whereas
Brahman is absolutely without name and form.

Verse 25:-  And about non existence; we cannot say that it exists.
So, it cannot serve a 'pratiyogin', that is, total characteristic
that is lacking in another thing.  If so, how can there be 'vijatiya'
difference, that is one's own internal contradiction, like a square-
circle.  Hence Atman and Brahman cannot have vijatiya difference.

Verse 26:- So, it is established that Sat is one only without a second.
But thre are still some who get confused by texts that 'Asat'
- nothing, existed before creation.

('Asat' or 'nothing' or 'sunya' cannot exist before creation, because
there was no time as before creation, because Brahman, is ever
present beyond time and present.  This 'sunya vadha' is from
Madhyamika school of Buddhism.)

To be contd....

Arunachala Siva.