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Panchadasi - (56)
« on: August 22, 2008, 01:22:50 PM »
The Chapter II, is called Mahabhootha Viveka, or the Differentiation
of Five Elements.  I am giving only select verses.

Verse 1:-  Brhaman according to Sruti, the non dual reality,
can be known by the process of differntiation from the five
elements.  So the process is now being discussed in detail.

Verse 7:- The five senses successively functioning through the
external apparatus, the gross organs, the eyes, the ears etc.,
are subtle.  Their presence is to be inferred from their functions.
The often move outwards.

Verse 12:-  The mind, the ruler of the ten organs of sense and
action, is within the lotus of the Heart.  As it depends on the organs
of sense and action, for the functions in relation to the external
objects, it is called an internal organ, the anthakarana.

Verse 13:- The mind enquires into the merits and defects of
the objects which are perceived by the senses.  Sattva, rajas
and tamas are its three constituents for through them the mind
undergoes various modficiations.

Verse 14:- Non attachment, forgiveness, generosity etc., are
producs of sattva.  Anger, desires, avarice, effort etc.,  are
produced by rajas.

Verse 15:-  Lethargy, confusion, drowsiness etc., are the products
of tamas.  When sattva functions in the mind, merit is acquired.
When rajas functions demerit is acquired.

Verse 16:-  When tamas functions, neither merit nor demerit
is produced. But life is wasted for nothing.  Of the modfications
of the mind, that of I-Consciousness is the agent.  In the practical
world also, we do the same.

Verse 17:-  Is is quite evident  that the objects in which sound,
touch etc., are clearly discernible are the products of five elements.
With the help of scriptural texts and reasoning it can be conceived
that even for the senses and the mind, the subtle elements
are the basis.

Verse 18:-  Whatever of this world, is perceived, by the senses,
the organs of action, the mind, reasoning and the scriptural texts,
is referred to as 'this', 'idam' in the Sruti text, as follows.
(Idam, this, applied even to the past things is not wrong since
they are felt to be in the present by God or a sage, like Uttalaka
Aruni)  (Refer also Srimad Bhagavad Gita VII. 26).

to be contd...   

Arunachala Siva.