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ULLadu Narpadu - 87
« on: May 09, 2010, 11:55:12 AM »

Verse 15 states:

Holding on to the currently occurring present, the past and future
stand.  At the time of their occurrence, the past and the future are
also 'present'.  The 'present' alone is all three.  To analyze and know
the past and the future without knowing the truth of the present,
"here and now", is like attempting to count the other numbers forgetting the basic unity of reckoning, namely, One.

The past, present and the future are fragmentation superimposed
by the mind on the Self that is timeless.  That space and time
are mere mental projections and therefore, illusory and unreal is
the teaching of Bhagavan Ramana.

That part of time, which we experience and  are currently aware is
the present. At the time of occurrence, the past was also 'present'
and while occurring the future will also be 'present'. Everything
constitutes 'the present' while experienced by the person.  As
our experiences changes we call as 'past' that which we remember as having been experienced.  Experiences imagined and expected to happen are called the 'future.'   These are man-made compartmentalisations. It is one eternal flow of time for, in the sense of here and now, it is but an eternity.

Place and Time are not without "I" and acquire relevance because they are related to "I-thought".  The true Present - that which IS - in all the three is Atman.  Similarly 'What IS' always transcends time.  Attempting to analyze one's past and future instead of inquiring into the truth of  'what is' in the present is like attempting to calculate while omitting the first unit of reckoning - namely one.  All numerals are expansions of the basic and first numbered 'one' - unity, and therefore it alone counts.  This is the basic axiom in mathematical science.  Atman, likewise, is the basis of 'all'. It alone exists, and the whole world is but That.  As the knowledge of 'one' enables us to count correctly, so also the knowledge of the truth of the Self will confer the knowledge of the world.

Once a devotee asked Bhagavan Ramana how he can come to know of his previous birth.  Bhagavan Ramana answered, "Before you proceed to inquire into your previous lives, is the present birth the truth?  Find out what is your reality now."

"Who is the one who is born and living now?"  If one were to inquire thus, one should know by experience the truth of his never having been born, and never to be born in future.  Why should such a birth less one know and grieve over the imagined earlier and subsequent births?  A seeker, therefore, should try to transcend these super impositions, or illusions of time and space.  One should be untroubled by thoughts of birth and death, and one must think intensely of the 'eternal present', devoid of rising and setting, and be deathless here and now by conquering time, lest he be swallowed by time.  Wasting precious time on the research of mere illusions of past and future is trying to count many zeros that follow forgetting the first unit, one.

Arunachala Siva.