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ULLadu Narpadu - 85
« on: May 09, 2010, 09:48:29 AM »

Verse 14 says that if the first person "I" - the ego-sense or "I am
the body" notion persists, the notions of second and third persons
namely, you, he/she and it, prevail.  If the truth of the first person,
the ego-sense, is enquired into within and is annihilated, the sense
of both second and third persons as different, from the "I" also is
lost.  What remains is one's own Self, shining as the One, pervading
everywhere, and that is the true state of one's being.

Verse 15, further states:  Holding on the currently occurring present,
the past and future stand.  At the time of their occurrence, the past
and the future are also 'present'.  'The present' alone is all three.
To analyze and know the past and the future without knowing the truth of "the present", the 'here and now' is like attempting to count the other numbers, forgetting the basic unit of reckoning, namely, One.

Verse 16, further develops the idea of oneness, stating:  What are time and space excepting us or as apart from us?  If we but enquire deeply, "Where are they?"  If we are the body, we will be bound by time and space.  But, are we the body?  No.  We are the same changeless One (form) at all times.  Know that we are the same form of wisdom (Consciousness) here, there and everywhere.  We alone are.  Time and space are not.

Bhagavan Ramana states in the Verse 14:- "If the "I" (first person)
is there, the second and third are."  All relationships with others
have relevance only in the sense of being connected to the "I-sense",
in the absence of which none of these will have any import.  The first,
second and third persons constitute a triad.  An understanding
of these two notions (time and space), the second and third persons, which go to make up the world, will require an understanding of the
"I-sense".  When the truth of the first person, the "I-sense", who ascribes all the differences of second and third persons, and along with it, the other two perish automatically.  Hence to annihilate
these two, no separate effort is required.  What remains then is
the Self, the One, the "I-am-ness"  Being is its true state, and it
shines without a second, filling everything.

Arunachala Siva.