Author Topic: Kunju Swami recollects that Ramana Maharshi saw only the good in all  (Read 1400 times)


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In his Reminiscences, Kunjaswami narrates:

"In Tiruvannamalai, there was a rich man by name Kandaswamy. His conduct was not particularly good and the local people detested him. He used to come and see Sri Bhagavan occasionally. In his last days, he suffered from poverty. Once he wanted some special gruel and sent word through someone to the ashram. He was staying in a dilapidated temple opposite the ashram. Sri Bhagavan arranged for gruel to be sent to him. This was sent on three successive days. On the fourth day, Kandaswamy passed away. We informed Sri Bhagavan of this. We thought Sri Bhagavan would not have anything good to say about this man.

What a surprise! Sri Bhagavan said, ‘Nobody can keep his body and clothes as clean as Kandaswamy. He was next to Injikollai Dishitar in cleanliness. He used neither oil nor soap. He would come to the tank at eight in the morning and start washing his dhoti and towel. By the time he finished his bath, it would be 12 noon. His hair and beard were spotlessly clean.’ We were really ashamed of ourselves. Sri Bhagavan was unique in seeing only the good in others.""

"Seeing only the good in others," at least in those who are doing good work — what a good way to begin to be Ramana.

Source: Arunachala's Ramana Volume II Book


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Dear prasanth,

Bhagavan Ramana also said something similar to this when
Sofa Gounder, (the person who donated a sofa for Bhagavan)
passed away.  I do not remember whether Kandaswami and
Sofa Gounder are one and the same person.

Arunachala Siva.