Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi Says There Is Nothing Better Than Giripradakshina  (Read 1672 times)


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An important practice of devotees is giripradakshina—or circumambulation of the Holy Hill, a three—hour walk around its base. Of this practice, Bhagavan said:

‘There is nothing better than giripradakshina. That alone is enough. If you do japa or meditation sitting in one place, the mind may wander. But during giripradakshina, the limbs move but the mind will be still. Doing japa or meditation without any other thoughts while walking is called samadhi in movement...There are several siddhas and sages on the hill even now, though we cannot see them. They also go round the hill unseen by us.

‘When we go round the hill we should walk on the left side of the road, otherwise we shall be obstructing their movement. We will also have the benefit of walking around them. We will get their blessings also.

‘For everybody it is good to do pradakshina. It does not matter of one has faith in the pradakshina or not…whether they believe it or not, the hill will do good to all those who go around it.’

Source: Arunachala's Ramana Volume II Book


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Dear prasanth,

In fact, Bhagavan Ramana insisted only two things apart from
self enquiry and self surrender in His teachings.  One is giripradakshina
and the other is sattvic food in moderate quantities.

Once someone spread a false rumour that Major Chadwick in his
cottage was eating non vegetarian food.  Bhagavan Ramana knew
the truth.  Still after a couple of days, in order to quell this rumour,
Bhagavan Ramana asked Annamalai Swami to go into Chadwick's
cottage and find out the fact.  Annamalai Swami came back and
reported:  Bhagavan!  There is nothing of this sort. 

Bhagavan then quoted the famous song of Tirunavukkarasar:

"Even if one kills the cow and eat its meat, if he is a Siva bhakta,
he is the god whom I worship."

Devaraja Mudaliar often asked Bhagavan about the effect of
circumambulation.  Bhagavan Ramana said:  What can I say?
Go and do it yourself and then see the results. Devaraja
Mudaliar started going for pradakshina and found that his mind
was free from thoughts during those pradakshinas.

Arunachala Siva.