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ULLadu Narpadu - 79
« on: May 07, 2010, 11:32:38 AM »

Fire is the nature of heat and light.  Heat cannot totally be without
light, nor light totally without heat.  And there would be no fire
without both.  Yet heat is not light.  The Self is of the nature of
existence, (Sat), Consciousness (Chit).  Here, however, existence is
consciousness.  If Consciousness was separate from existence, it would become inert.  If existence was different from Consciousness,
it would become non-existent.  Existence-Consciousness, is not
an attribute of the Self, but existence-consciousness is the Self.

Some Tamil saint-poets like Abhirami Bhattar, has said that it
is like "word" and "meaning".  Word and meaning cannot be separated.  The word without meaning is merely a sound!  It
is like tapping a tin drum.  Word always go with meaning.  Similarly 'meaning' cannot remain without word.  One can say that gaze of Bhagavan Ramana is full of meaning, (of grace, compassion etc.,) but there is no word.  Here the gaze itself is the word.  Like the
smile of a heroine in a cinema or a laughter of a villain. 

Various gold ornaments have different names (necklace, ear-stud, nose-ring, anklet, bracelet etc.,), forms (round, flat, etc..,) sizes, (small, large, long, short etc.,) weight (light, heavy etc.,)  value, (in terms of money, sentiments, etc., ) and uses (investments, decoration, gifts etc.,).  A bracelet is not an anklet, nose rings or ear-stud.  Yet all are in essence gold alone.  The names and forms are many, but gold is one.  Without gold, none could exist.  Gold alone appears as various forms without undergoing any intrinsic change.  The names and forms are only superimpositions on gold.

Similarly, existence-consciousness (Self) alone is the world of plurality experienced as knowledge or thought modifications.
The plurality is a mere appearance and has no existence apart from the Self.  For example, the sunlight alone due to the defect of my vision appears as the mirage water. The sunlight never undergoes any intrinsic change, never flows, nor feels wet.

Sri Sankara also gives the same idea in his Verse 8 of Atma Bodham:

"All the various forms exist in the imagination of the perceiver, the Substratum being the eternal and all pervading Vishnu, whose nature is Existence and Intelligence.  Names and forms are like bangles and bracelets , and Vishnu is like gold."

Sri Sankara while praying to Ranganatha of Sri Rangam sings:  "O Brahma Swarupam, O Ananda Swarupam, they call you Vishnu
and Ranganatha...."

Arunachala Siva.