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Panchadasi - (51)
« on: August 22, 2008, 11:59:41 AM »
The Chapter I continues...

Verse 38:- The physical body present in one's consciousnes,
is absent in the dreaming state, but the witnessing element,
Pure Consciousness, persists in both the waking and dreaming
states.   This is the invariable presence, Anvaya, of the Self.
Though the Self is perceived, the physical body is not;
so the latter is not a variable factor.

Verse 39:- Similarly, in the state of deep sleep, the subtle
body is not perceived, but the Self invariably witnesses
that state.  While the Self persists, in all states, the subtle
body is not perceived in deep sleep and so it is called a
variable factor.

Verse 40:-  By discrimination of the subtle body and recognition
of its variable, transient character, the sheaths are understood
to be different from the Self, for the sheaths are conditions of the
three gunas, - characteristics, - and differ from each other.

Verse 41:- Avidya, manifested as the causal body or blissful
sheath, is negated in the state of deep meditation, in which
neither subject nor object is experienced, but the Self persists
in that state.  So it is the invariable factor.  But the causal body
is a variable factor, for though the Self persists, it does not.

Verse 42:- As the slender, internal pith of a munja gross
can be detached from its coarse external covering, so the
Self can be distinugished through reasoning from the
three bodie, or the five sheaths.  Then the Self is recognized
as the Supreme Consciousness.

Verse 43:-  In this way, the identity of Brahman and Jiva
is demonstrated through reaosoning.  This identity is taught
in the sacred texts in sentences such as "Thou Art That."
Their method of explaining the Truth is through the elimination
of incongruous attributes.

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.