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ULLadu Narpadu - 69
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8th and 9th Verse, comments:

As long as the individuality of the jiva remains, meditation on
the formless Reality is quite impossible.  Furthermore, the Jivas,
constantly thinking of the worldly things, get saturated with worldliness, and such persons, totally of the world, cannot be made
to think of a formless Reality.  So, Bhagavan says worship with form
is a helpful guide for bringing the mind, soaked in worldliness,  back to god.  Such worship aids the annihilation of the Jiva's name and form and his vasanas.  This is called Saguna Upasana.

Bhagavan says that this helpful in the beginning of the journey.
The Eye of the eye or the Infinite Eye, the eye that knows the
fullness of oneself, is the state of Nirguna Upasana. Bhagavan
Ramana has said to one devotee:  By woship of form is not inferior.
It can gain arupa-Sakshatkaram, experience of the formless.

Once Bhagavan Ramana gave the example of radio music.  He
said:  Our story is also the same.  The box radio does not have
any person inside.  But the music is coming out.  Similarly, the body
of a mature bhakta, does not have an asaami (person inside), but there is only Sami (Lord) inside.

T.R. Kanakammal quotes Ozhivil Odukkam song of Kannudaia
VaLLalar here:

Is sweetness of honey black or red?
Ye fools!  Why seek the Lord in the sky?
As sweetness in honey is spread
So in the body of flesh is the Lord hidden.

Tirumular also says in his Tirumandiram similar ideas.

I do not want to forsake the body.  (Tirumular was a Siva Yogi).
He is inside the body.  The Heart is his sanctum sanctorum.  This flesh and blood filled body is his temple.  The five senses are the
five gates for Him.  The mouth is the gateway.

In Verse 9, it is said that the dyads and triads merely exist holding
on to the ego as support.  If one but turns the mind inward within and inquire into the truth of this ego, the dyads and triads will
fall away.  This is the next step. One who thus witnesses the death
of the ego alone is the one who has seen the Self or Truth.  Such
men will never be agitated by the dyads and triads.

Dyads and triads depend on their existence solely on the ego-sense.
This alone gives them support and sustenance, infusing them with
life.  When, on Self enquiry, the ego on which they are dependent
will become extinct. Then the one Truth which is the substratum
beyond alone remains.  It is existence without beginning or enbd,
eternal, existent everywhere, endless and infinite.

Perturbation occurs only when is baffled by the plurality and the sense of "otherness". Misery and fear occur only when there is an
object outside of one.  Realization of unity or no-otherness is

Again, Kannudaiya VaLLalar says in Ohivil Odukkam, "Staying in the Remains":       

All called 'this' unreal said Guru;
Alas! Lost I a place to reside;
But for the vast space of Grace
"That We are" so said the Guru;
The sun that turns night to day
Its name or is it Bliss Supreme?

Arunachala Siva.