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Thus Spake Ramana
« on: May 02, 2010, 11:46:53 AM »
"To see God and not the Self that sees
is only to see a projection of the mind.
It is said that God is seen
by him alone who sees the Self;
but one who has lost the ego
and seen the Self
is none other than God."

--Ramana Maharshi--

[ Reality in Forty Verses, #20 ]

So many things will be happening across the world,
Those incidents, those issues, those problems and
All endless different activities around the world will go on like that.

Your entire life span is not sufficient to learn about all of them.
If you go on exploring the details of the world,
Your minds area of operations will expand and it will move away
From your true self.

To experience those endless attractions with its quest for satiating its desires.


All that knowledge acquired and explanations you give about the world,
Are not yours.

It is yours mind’s experience with the world.

Thinking is not your true nature.
It is the nature of Your Mind.
If you move towards your inner self, all your problems of the world will be solved.

You Take care about yourself.
The world is having its own capacity to take care about itself.

If you don’t initiate self –inquiry in your life,
All Worldly issues will occupy your mind and
You will be surrounded by them in your entire life.

If you show disinterest in worldly things and activities,
They will not trouble you.

If any one is observing all these worldly things as real,
He is forgetting his true state.


You identify your true self and come to a firm conclusion
About non existence of this unreal world.

That world is also part of that True self.


As soon as the mind arises,
the illusionary thought of identification of everything with body also arises.
If your mind is not raising its head,
All your series of distresses and hardships will disappear.


Rising of that Mind itself is ignorance.
When you are in deep sleep you will be in total ignorance of this unreal world.
Similarly when you are in your true state with pure light of self- realization
this unreal world will not appear for You.

Your lack of education about the real self is the root cause of
all your different theories.

----Sri Ramana Maharshi.

"As often as one tries to surrender, the ego raises its head and one has to try to suppress it. Surrender is not an easy thing. It is only when God Himself by His Grace draws the mind inwards that complete surrender can be achieved. But such Grace comes only to those who have already, in this or previous lives, gone through all the struggles and sadhanas preparatory to the extinction of the mind and killing of the ego."

- Day by Day with Bhagavan

"Withdraw thy mind from the objective world.
Give up thirst for life,
and becoming tranquil-minded
be absorbed in the divine bliss.
After thou hast experienced the divine bliss,
this objective world will no more lead thee into error,
for thou wilt know its appearance to be illusory."

--Srimad Bhagavatam-- C. VII

Whenever and Whereever we prostrate think of the favourite god or your guru - ramana maharshi