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Panchadasi - (50)
« on: August 22, 2008, 11:43:18 AM »
The Chapter I continues...

Verse 26:-  To provide the Jivas, with objects of enjoyment
and make the bodies fit for such enjoyment, the all powerful
Isvara has made each of the subtle elements partake of the
nature of the others.

Verse 29:-  They are only external things and are devoid
of the knowledge of their true inner nature. They perform
actions for enjoyment and again they enjoy for performing

Verse 30:- They go from birth to birth, as worms that have
slipped into a river are swept from one whirlpool to another
and never attain peace.

Verse 31:- When the good deeds performed by them in the
past births bear fruit, the worms enjoy being lifted from the
river by a compassionate person and placed under the shade
of a tree on the bank.

Verse 32:-  Similarly, the Jivas, finding themselves in  the
whirlpool of worldly duties, receive the appropriate initiation
from a teacher who himself has realized Brahman, and
differentiating the Self from its five sheaths, attain the Supreme
Bliss of release.

Verse 33:-  The five sheaths of the Self are those of the food,
the vital air, the mind, the intellect and bliss.  Enveloped in them,
it forgets its real nature and becomes subject to transmigration.

Verse 37:- By differentiating the Self, from the five sheaths
throught the method of discrimination, between the variable and
the invariable, one who draws out one's own Self, from the five
sheaths and attain Supreme Brahman.

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.