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ULLadu Narpadu - 66
« on: May 01, 2010, 04:54:04 PM »
I thought I could complete the topic on ULLadu Narpadu, Verses
6,7 and 8.  But there are some more interesting verses in Sri
Ramana Paravidyopanishad and I shall quickly post them.

Verse 159:  The world which is caused to shine and the light,
namely the mind, which caused the world to shine, arise and set
together (as one); also this pair should be known to be unreal.

Verse 160:  Whatever shines intermittently is insentient and
therefore shines by the light of another.  That, by which all
insentient things shine, is self-shining being consciousness by

Verse 161:  We know by the words of our divine Guru that That
alone is real, which survives in that state of Peace, which is the
highest, on the destruction of the ego and the rest, consequent
on the realization of one's own True Nature, and that all else
is unreal.

Verse 162:  "If even the mind be unreal, then it will follow that what remains is only a Void, since in deep sleep, there is nothing at all." Those who raise this contention are committing the mistake of
forgetting themselves!

Verse 163:  How can this 'void' be known at all, if there be no
one to witness it?  This 'void' is certainly not without a witness, and hence this void is not the final Reality.

Verse 164:  This doctrine of the 'void' has thus been clearly refuted by the most holy one; for us there is not the least doubt on this
point, because (as shown by Him), there is the Real Self, the Sole Survivor in the Supreme State.

Verse 165:  In the heart of every living creature the self-shining Real Self shines by his own light (of consciousness) as "I", and hence everyone knows himself as real.  Who is there in the world of men, who says: "I do not exist!".

Verse 167:  Indeed everyone experiences his own existence during deep sleep, where the mind is absent. Also the sleeper manifests remembrance of the happiness (of sleep), saying "I slept happily".

Verse170:  Without a supporting substratum, how can the two, the universe and the mind, appear at all?  Is there anyone who sees the serpent without its basis, the rope, or one who sees the silver without its basis, the oyster shell?

Verse 171:  Surely there does exist a Reality - Consciousness, which lends (an appearance of) existence and shining to the universe (including the mind).  Else how can worldly people have the notion that this unreal universe exists and shines?

Verse 172:  Because these two shine only by His Light, therefore that One is Self-shining Consciousness.  Apart from (That) Self there is nothing else, anywhere, which is self-shining.

Verse 173:  When the Real Self shines on the dawn of right awareness, neither the sun nor the moon nor the stars shine.  By his light alone do these shine here for the ignorant one, whose mind is turned outwards.

Verse 174:  There is not the least doubt about the existence of the Real Self, because that same (Pure) Consciousness, by which the whole world shines, and by whose Light the mind becomes mind, is the Self.

Verse 175:  The ignorance does not obstruct the awareness of "I AM", but only the awareness of the fact "I AM AWARENESS', since everyone -- with he exception of those deluded by the scientific creed -- knows of his own existence.

Verse 176:  The eternal, unchanging ever-shining Self persists continuously as the Real through all the varying states.  Superimposed on Him, the Substratum, does the whole world shine.

Verse 178:  Here is the utterance of the Most Holy One:

"The Brahman, which is only One, Itself shines inside (in the Heart) of all creatures as the Real Self in the form, "I,I" there is no other Self."

Verse 179:  He also said:  "This same is the meaning of utterance of the famous Heavenly Voice, which told Moses, "My real nature is just the Consciousness, 'I AM' "

Arunachala Siva.