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ULLadu Narpadu - 63
« on: May 01, 2010, 09:17:18 AM »
Sri Lakshmana Sarma's Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad describes
in many verses the ideas of Bhagavan Ramana in ULLadu Narpadu,
Verses 5, 6 and 7:

Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad verses:  (only selected)

Verse 84:  The guru who is a Sage teaches the unreality of the
world in accordance with his own experience, giving reasons supporting
it. The disciple who aspires to become free should accept this teaching
with perfect faith and with its help, strive for his goal.

Verse 85:  The universe, comprising these three, viz., the soul,
god and the worlds of visible objects, is superimposed by the mind
on the Self, which is the sole Reality of the supreme state;
hence all this is just an outcome of ignorance.

Verse 86: That being so, when this ignorance is annihilated by
the light of the Awareness of that Self, then along with it, the
outcome of it, namely this world, will cease to appear,
like darkness before the sunlight at sunrise.

Verse 87:  This universe - we thus see - shines in the dense
darkness of ignorance, but does not shine in the great splendour
of the light of the Self-Awareness.  If this universe were real,
why does it not shine in the supreme state, lighted as It is by
the conscious-effulgent light of the Real Self?

Verse 88:  That alone is real which survives in the experience of
the real Self in the supreme state.  All else is only unreal.  This
is the distinction between the Real and the unreal, revealed to
us by the teachings of all the sages.

Verse 89:  Since the multiplicity is experienced only in the state
of ignorance, it is declared to be unreal.  On the other hand,
because of the unity - non-difference of the Self is experienced
on the liquidation of ignorarance, the Unity is Real.

Verse 90:  That peaceful Self, who shines by the light of His own
nature as pure Consciousness in the supreme state, where the world is lost, is the sole Reality;  such is the teaching of the holy Guru.

Verse 91:  As the dream world is known to be unreal, for the
reasons that it vanishes upon waking, so this waking world
also, is proved to be unreal by its vanishing in the light of the
real Self.

Verse 92:  But ignorant men, who are averse to winning the supreme state, put forth an endless series of arguments, trying to refute
these teachings.  The sages clear the doubts generated by the
arguments so that the earnest aspirants may not be deluded by them.

Verse 93:  This teaching of the unreality of the world is not
addressed to those who look upon the body itself, as the Self,
or consider the Self to be the owner-occupier of the body.  For
these people, the world is real and not unreal.

Verse 94:  The teaching, that trinity of the soul, god, and the world
is unreal, is indivisible.  So, for one that is convinced that one of
these is real, the other two also are real.

Verse 95:  To those that seek deliverance, the teaching is that
all these three are equally unreal.  This teaching must therefore
be accepted exactly as taught by those who are earnest to
win deliverance by the extinction of ignorance.

Arunachala Siva.