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ULLadu Narpadu - 62
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Muruganar continues in his Guru Vachaka Kovai:

Verse 96:  The little Jiva will not rise as a tiny separate "I"-entity
from the Supreme Reality that is the plenitude of consciousness.
Only from a ball of fire of finite size can tiny sparks split off, fly
way and fall to the ground.

Since Consciousness is all pervasive, and the One without a second,
nothing can, arise from within it and then become separate from it,
since there is no space to lie separate from it!  The idea of a separate Jiva is therfore an erroneous idea that arises through ignorance.

Verse 97:  The body itself does not exist in the unrestricted view
of the real Self, but only in outward turned attention, which is the
perspective of maya.  Therefore, it is wrong to call the Self, which
is the vast expanse of Consciousness, the owner-occupier of the

Brahmasri Nochur Venkataraman here says:  If the Self occupies
the body, then it becomes that the body becomes larger than
Self! How can it be?  Brahman or the Self is really Brahmam, the
largest, without any space outside it.  How can It occupy a body?
Where is the space for the body?  How can the Brahman, the all
pervasive and the largest, can stay inside a body?  Hence the
body is also mental creation.

Verse 98:  It is only when you live your life taking the body alone
to be "I" that the external world, consisting of moving and unmoving objects, will manifest itself.  Since, for the Self, there is a complete
absence of external objects, whether far or near, it is therefore
wrong to say that it is an unaffected  witness

Talks No. 466:

Question:  Is not the Self the witness only - Sakshimatra?

Bhagavan:  "Witness" is applicable when there is an object to
be seen.  Then it is duality.  The truth lies beyond both.  In
the mantra,"sakshi cheta kevalo nirgunascha," the word sakshi
(witness) must be understood as Sannidhi (Presence), without
which there could be nothing.  See how the Sun is necessary
for daily activities.  He does not however form part of world actions;
yet they cannot take place without the Sun.  He is the Witness
of the activities.  So it is with the Self.

Again, Bhagavan touches this idea in Day by Day entry, dated:
18th July 1946.

Bhagavan:  Talking of the 'witness' should not lead to the idea
that there is a witness and something else apart from him that
he is witnessing.  The 'witness' really means the light that illumines the seer, the seen and the process of seeing.  Before, during and
after the triads of seer, seen and seeing, the illumination exists.
It alone exists.

Verse 99:  The world does not exist without the body; the body
never at any time exists without the mind; the mind does not exist at all apart from Consciousness;  And Consciousness too does
not exist apart from Being.

Bhagavan Ramana has quoted Gaudapada Karika, Verse 32 of
Vaithathya Prakarana (2nd Chapter):

Na nirodho na chotpattir
Nabaddho na cha sadhakaha
Na mumukshur na vai mukta
Ityesha paramartha.

There is no creation and no dissolution.
There is no bondage and no freedom,
No one doing spiritual practices,  no one seeking liberation,
No one who is liberated.
One who is established in the Self sees this by his knowledge
of Reality.

Arunachala Siva.