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Panchadasi - (48)
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The Chapter I continues....

Verse 8:- This consciousness, which is our Self, is of the nature
Supreme Bliis, for it is the object of greatest love, and love for
the Self is seen in every man, who wishes, 'May I never cease
to be',  'May I exist for ever'.

Verse 9:- Others are loved for the sake of the Self, but the Self
is loved for none other.  Therefore, the love for the Self is the
highest.  Hence the Self is of the nature of the highest bliss.

Verse 10:- In this way, it is established by reasoning that the
individual Self is of the nature of existence, consciousness and
bliss.  Similar is the Supreme Brahman.  The indentity of the two is
taught in the Upanishads.

Verse 11:- If the Supreme Bliss of the Self is not known, there
cannot be the highest love for it.  But it is there.  If it is known,
there cannot be attraction, for worldly objects.  That too is here.
So, we say, this blissful nature of the Self, through revealed, is
not, strictly speaking, revealed.

Verse 12:-  A father may distinguish the voice of his son chanting
(the Vedas) in chorus with a number of pupils but may fall to note
the peculiarities, due to an obstruction viz., its having been mingled
with other voices.  Similar is the case with bliss. Because of obstruction,
it is proper to say the bliss 'is known yet unknown.'

Verse 13:-  Our experience of the articles of everyday use, is
that they 'exist', they 'reveal'.  Now an obstruction is sthat which
stultifies this experience of existence and revelation and produces
the counter-experience that they are not existing, they are not

Verse 14:-  In the above, illustrated the cause of the obstruction
to the voice of the son being fully recognized is the chorus of
voices of all the boys.  Here, the one cause of all contrary experience
is indeed, the beginningless Avidya.

to be contd..

Arunachala Siva.