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Krishna Bhikshu's reminiscences
« on: April 29, 2010, 10:21:12 AM »
Krishna Bhikshu writes in his reminiscences:

A young man brought with him a long list of questions.  Throughout
the day, he was too shy to give it to Bhagavan and only in the evening,
when Bhagavan got up to go for dinner, did he hand over the paper.
"I thought I had finished answering question paper 50 years back,"
joked Bhagavan, who sat down again and started reading the questions.

The first question was, "Why should rites be performed form one's
father and mother after their deaths?".

"Because they are your father and mother!  Surely you are not expected to perform rites for other people's parents," retorted
Bhagavan.  Everybody laughed.  "We shall read the next question,
after dinner," added Bhagavan.  But the young man did not come
back.  May be he saw the futility of his questions.

An Indian gentleman in European clothes, shoes and hat, entered
the Hall without even paying the courtesy of removing his shoes
at the door.  He looked at Bhagavan critically for sometime and
asked abruptly, "Have you seen God?"

"Who is he?" asked Bhagavan.  The man did not pursue the topic.

"Can I have your photo?"

"You can it if you can take it," said Bhagavan.  The visitor did not
get the point, for he made a snap and went away as suddenly as
he had come.

Bhagavan added, "Vivekananda asked Sri Ramakrishna the same
question.  He got the right answer in his own experience.  But these
people think they can get at God by buying a railway ticket for
ten rupees."

(Source:  Bhagavan Ramana Birth Centenary Offering - 1980)

Arunachala Siva.