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In the first three months of 1908 the Maharshi, Ganapati, and other disciples stayed at the Pachaiamman Kovil at the foothill of Arunachala. Most of the expenses relating to the stay were borne by Ramaswamy Ayyangar, a devotee. During that period, Ganapati, took to meditation as taught by Bhagavan. One dawn, a brilliant light arose and touched the forehead of the Maharshi six times, Ganapati noticed this and also observed that the light got absorbed in the aura around the Maharshi's head as six star- like formations.

Though he practised the Maharshi's way Ganapati's original ideals did not leave him. Towards the end of March (1908) he wanted to leave Arunachala and asked the Maharshi whether the enquiry into the source of the `I- thought' would result in the fulfilment of his ideals or whether he had to do mantra japa also. The Maharshi replied that the former was enough. Ganapati also asked the Maharshi whether his intention was good, to which the latter replied "Leave everything to God, your burden will cease and He will take on your burden. He knows what to do."

Much later Bhagavan said, "While God sustains the burden of the world, the spurious ego assumes its burden grimacing like an image on a tower seeming to support it."

Reality in forty verses - Supplement verse 17

— Tr. K. Swaminathan

With the Maharshi's permission Ganapati left Arunachala in 1908 for Tiruvottiyur near Madras for performing tapas. He performed tapas in a Ganesa temple for eighteen days. On the last day he had a problem during the tapas and felt that it would be fine if the Maharishi were to give his darshan. He was asleep while being, wide awake. All of a sudden Ramana arrived there and sat by Ganapati's side. Surprised at this, Ganapati tried to get up but the Maharshi pressed him on the head and made him sit. Ganapati felt as if an electric current had passed through him. He took it to be initiation by hand (hasta- diksha).

Ever since 1896 the Maharshi never left Arunachala but how can anyone account for Ganapati's experience?

About twenty one years later, on 17 Oct 1929 to be precise, Ganapati narrated his experience to the Maharshi. The Maharshi also confirmed it, saying,

"Several years ago I was resting at Virupaksha cave. I was not in samadhi. Yet I felt as if the body was floating in air. As the upward floating continued all material objects vanished from my sight, only white light was all around. Suddenly the body began descending and objects came into view. I thought this was what was meant by the disappearance and reappearance of those with occult powers (siddhas). It struck me that it was Tiruvottiyur and I walked along a main road. As I did so I noticed a Ganesa temple at a distance and I went in. I do not remember what I did or what I spoke. At that stage I woke up and found myself to be asleep at the Virupaksha cave. I narrated this experience at once to Palaniswami."

Ganapati in turn confirmed that the description of the Ganesa temple as given by the Maharshi was accurate.

Kavya Kantha would visit Arunachala occasionally to have the darshan of Bhagavan. Between 1922 and 1929 he stayed at Arunachala with his family. Once, while at the mango tree cave the bones of his skull loosened and he experienced a softening of the area where the Brahma- randhra exists.

Ganapati himself confessed that however much he tried to follow the jnana marga he had not been able to achieve abidance in the Self. In the first years possibly the latent tendencies proved to be insurmountable obstacles. Also, the activities of the sakti in the body were intense which it could not bear. On such occasions he would seek Bhagavan's help and get over that.

Ganapati Sastry used to say that sakti was of two types- mahas and sahas of which the former was divine and that only when sahas got transformed as mahas the bones of the skull loosend. Because of this sakti he could not bear to touch any metallic object and he always had to wear sandals made of wood. A number of his disciples also had experienced that sakti. Any copper coin held in the palm became golden.

Bhagavan had great love for Ganapati Sastry. His erudition, exalted ideals, and the power of his tapas endeared him to Bhagavan. But for Ganapati's encouragement Bhagavan would not have composed poetry in Sanskrit and Telugu.

Bhagavan addressed Ganapati as "Nayana" as did the latter's disciples. Ganapati was a great man with extraordinary foresight, and power of speech.

One may go to the extent of saying that he was a Vidyadhara in human form. His glory can be fully appreciated by going through Kapali Sastry's Vasishta Vaibhavam . But for his ideals and love of the country which bound him, Ganapati would have attained Self reatisation.

He wrote a lot of poetry in praise of Bhagavan, one of these poems, Sri Ramana Chatvarimsat was recited in Bhagavan's presence every morning. It is still recited at Bhagavan's shrine.

In order to realise his ambitions Ganapati participated in politics and social reform activities till 1930. Thereafter he gave them up and devoted himself to tapas. He left his mortal body on 25 July 1936 at Nimpura near Kharagpur in his ashram.

More than the service he did for Bhagavan, Ganapati's service to the nation in propagating Bhagavan's message is greater. The answers Bhagavan gave to the questions of the disciples were incorporated as slokas in Sri Ramana Gita composed by Ganapati Sastry. This book is an invaluable guide to all. Simirarly, he translated into Sanskrit Bhagavan's Ulladu Narpadu under the title Sat-darsanam. As early as 1903 Ganapati Muni, through his foresight, recognised the greatness of Bhagavan and spread the word. Under his guidance, his disciples Pranavananda and Kapali Sastry wrote commentaries on Bhagavan's Upadesasaram and Sat-darsanam respectively. Kapali Sastry also wrote an excellent commentary on Bhagavan's Arunachala Pancharatna. Ganapati's disciples were all Bhagavan's disciples too. They were spread all over the country and they carried forward Bhagavan's message.

2) Arunachala's Ramana Volume 1


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Re: A Strange Incident happened between Ramana Maharshi And Ganapati Muni
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1. Kavyakanta Ganapati Sastri and Bhagavan had mutual respect and love.  Bhagavan Ramana used to call Sastri as Nayana (which in
Telugu means Father and an elderly brother).  Nayana used to
call Him, as only Bhagavan.  Kavyakanta Ganapati Sastri was elder
to Bhagavan by a few years and so the call, "elder brother" made
him very happy.  He was also considering Bhagavan as Skanda
and so he, as Ganapati should be rightfully called by Muruga as

2.  Sri Ramana Chatvarimsat was originally planned by Kavyakanta
Ganapati Sastri as a Satakam, 100 verses, but he was making verses, intended for different chapters, (ten chapters were planned)  as when it had occurred to him.  But he suddenly passed away
and the work could not be completed.  The verses made and sent
by Sastri were only 40 in number, but pertaining to different chapters.  However, Bhagavan organized them into a cogent group of 40 verses.

3. Though a sincere sadhak, Sastri laid his hands on too many pots.
Politics, Spiritual upliftment of Indians through mantra japas,
Congress committee work, visiting various holy places, (he had
visited 55 temples or holy places in India).  His Sankalpas were
many and strong.  When Bhagavan Ramana was informed of his
passing away, and when someone at that time, asked Him, whether
Sastri had attained liberation, Bhagavan Ramana said:  "How can
it be, he had many sankalpas.

4.  The Complete Works of Kavyakanta Ganapati Sastri have come
out recently in 10 volumes.  Each volume was when ready from printer, was brought to Asramam and placed before Bhagavan's
Samadhi for blessing.  Now, ten volumes are over and these can
be had from Sri Ramanasramam.

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: A Strange Incident happened between Ramana Maharshi And Ganapati Muni
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Subramanian Garu,

You have raised a good topic to discuss and i will post as a separate thread.