Author Topic: What does Bhagavan mean to me? - (4)  (Read 1265 times)


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What does Bhagavan mean to me? - (4)
« on: April 28, 2010, 10:29:25 AM »
Wolter A. Keers continues in his article:-  (abridged):

What does He mean to me?  What does all this meant to?  The
question has now become absurd, really, I look at Him.  He makes
it clear that I am this stillness.

The stillness that He is, the stillness that I am, is the meaning of
things.  To find it, people do whatever they do, hoping that it will
make them happy and lead them to this stillness, that is the perfect
equilibrium, deep unfathomable peace, fulfillment of everything,
root of all joy where no desire can survive.

I am the meaning of all things, the stillness behind the pictures
projected upon the screen.  They all point to one thing -- that
I am their beholder and that their meaning derives from me.
As long as there is the belief that "I am a person", their meaning
is fear and desire, pleasure and pain, the constant search for love.
The moment it is revealed that I am all, he meaning changes.
Love does not search for love.  It recognizes It everywhere.
This inmost meaning, not a thought and not a feeling, may be
yet called love.  That is what human beings are, --- love, in
search of itself, a whirlpool of light in an ocean of light.

Deep dreamless sleep is the dark, dark-blue stillness, the peace
from which all things arise -- the waking state, the dream.  These
states are what we call 'all things',  Once this is seen, the waking
state, the world, is peace with form.  When form dissolves, peace
alone remains.  But no 'I' to speak of,  The "I" is part of the
states.  When the states disappear, what we are really remains,
nameless, 'I-less', formless, source of the universe that we call
waking state or dream. 

He called it the "I-I", to make us understand.  It has no name,
for in it, there is no-one to name it.  Words can only give a hint.
Like - "I AM THAT I AM"  The rest is Silence.

Chitamam ihthellam chemmalaiye nin pale
uthithamai ninre odungidumal - nitaymum
Nan enru Idayam natithuduvaiyal un per
Than Idayam enriduvar thaam.

               - Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam, Tamil Version,
                  Verse 2.

Arunachala Siva.