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Panchadasi - (47)
« on: August 21, 2008, 04:16:50 PM »
The Chapter IX continues....

Verse 155:-  Even if there is no realization, think, " I am Brahman"
Through  meditation, a man achieves even other things (like
the deities), then,  why not Brahman who is ever achieved?

Verse 156:-  If a man, who is convinced by the experience that
meditation, practised day by day, destroys the idea that the
non-Self is the Self, nevertheless becomes idle and neglects
meditation, what difference, tell us, is there between him and
a brute?

Verse 157:-  Destroying his idea that the body is the Self, through
meditation a manb sees the secondless Self, becomes immortal
and realizes Brahman in this body itself.

Verse 158:-  The meditator who studies this Chapter called
Dhyana Deepa or the Lamp of Meditation, is freed from all
his doubts and meditates constantly on Brahman.


Dear every one, I have completed only three of the fifteen
chapters, viz., Chapters VI, VII and IX.   There are a few chapters,
like to I to IV, which are preliminary about five sheaths, five elements
etc., etc.,  I propose to post only select verses from them, so that
we can cover other important chapters more elaborately.

Arunachala Siva.