Author Topic: What does Bhagavan mean to me? (3)  (Read 1240 times)


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What does Bhagavan mean to me? (3)
« on: April 28, 2010, 10:15:07 AM »
Wolter A. Keers continues in his article:-  (only excerpts)

Of every hundred people who come visit ashrams and gurus,
ninety nine come to seek food for their imaginary ego.  That
is why so many frauds succeed in misleading many thousands
of well intentioned people.  Such imposters hand out intellectual
food and even the most authentic texts, and a pleasing atmosphere
for feeding, and in exchange they humbly accept their dollars!

But Sri Ramana Maharshi has never given me anything.  When I
arrived, regarding myself as a poor man in need of help, He revealed
to me that I was more than a millionaire, and the source of all
things.  Nor has Sri Ramana Maharshi asked anything from me -- not
even my love and respect.  It was His mere Presence that uncovered
or unleashed in me what cannot be described by words such as
love or respect.  It went deeper than the deepest feeling.  My
meeting with Him was in no way a matter of giving or teaching,
even though for a long time, I thought so (He had give me His
love, I had given Him my Heart.)  It was the naked, radiant
confrontation of illusion and truth, in which confrontation and
illusion could not stand up.  It was wiped away, but not because
He wanted it.  He wanted nothing, and accepted me AS I WAS.
He did not wish to change me, but He saw me as I REALLY WAS
-- a whirlpool of light in an ocean of light.

Perhaps, it was he radiant certainty that He was, that broke
through my fears and desires and enabled me to let go of the
desire to enrich an imaginary 'me'.

Does it mean something to you, when I say what He meant to me,
is the mere fact, that He was what He was, and is what He is?
This certainty made face and later realize the ageless, timeless,
unimaginable fact, so utterly simple - I AM WHAT I AM - the



(Source: as indicated above)

Arunachala Siva.