Author Topic: Sri RamaKrishna tells us the essence of the Gita  (Read 1087 times)


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Sri RamaKrishna tells us the essence of the Gita
« on: April 26, 2010, 04:57:49 PM »
"The Divine Mother has revealed to me the essence of the Vedanta. It is that Brahman alone is real and the world illusory. The essence of the Gita is what you get by repeating the word ten times. The word becomes reversed. It is then 'tagi',which refers to renunciation. The essence of the Gita is: 'O man, renounce everything and practise spiritual discipline for the realization of God.' "

NAVADVIP: "But how can we persuade our minds to renounce?"

MASTER: "You are a goswami. It is your duty to officiate as priest in the temple.You cannot renounce the world; otherwise, who would look after the temple and its services?You have to renounce mentally.

"It is God Himself who has kept you in the world to set an example to men.You may resolve in your mind a thousand times to renounce the world, but you will not succeed. God has given you such a nature that you must perform your worldly duties.

"Krishna said to Arjuna: 'What do you mean, you will not fight? By your mere will you cannot desist from fighting.Your very nature will make you fight.' "



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Re: Sri RamaKrishna tells us the essence of the Gita
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2010, 08:56:58 AM »
This post reveals exactly the position of Ramana's central teaching.
Renounce the ego and that is the true renunciation.  Bhagavan
Ramana never advocated foregoing the work or worldly pursuits.

Arunachala Siva.