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Cow Lakshmi's Liberation
« on: April 25, 2010, 08:35:01 PM »
I think in the year 2008, Cow Lakshmi's 60th anniversary of
liberation was celebrated in Asramam.  I was present in the
Asramam at that time.

Many devotees even during Bhagavan's time asked Bhagavan
whether Liberation of Cow Lakshmi was a statement of truth
or by way of euology.  Bhagavan confirmed that Cow Lakshmi
had attained liberation and He has written a Tamil poem on
that day of liberation.

So also was the liberation of deer, VaLLi and a crow.

From the point of view of scriptures too, liberation of living
beings other than humans are true. 

There was one Umapati Sivam, a great Saiva Jnani.  One Pethan
Samban was serving him by bringing fire wood and milk and other
things.  When asked what he wanted, Pethan Samban said that he
wanted only liberation!  Umapati conferred liberation to him by
giving diksha immediately.  The opponents of Umapati Sivam,
(he was originally the temple priest of Chidambaram Temple)
who were dikshitars in the Temple went and complained to the
King that Umapati Sivam had killed Pethan Samban.  The King
came and Umapati Sivam said that he had been conferred liberation.
The king angrily asked: Can you give liberation to anyone, any
living being?  The saint said Yes.  Then the king showed a thorn
bush near the Temple.  The thorn bush has been receiving Nataraja's
abulations water every day, since the water was flowing towards
the bush.  Umapati Sivam conferred liberation to the thorn bush.
The bush caught fire and as a flame it went skywards!

The King could believe his eyes.  He still doubted.  Then Umapati
Sivam said:  See it yourself tomorrow in the Temple precincts!
Next morning, when the doors of Chitrambalam, Hall of Consciousness was opened, all including the king saw the thorn
bush and Pethan Samban on both sides of Nataraja!

There is also a story in Sri Arunachala Puranam, that when
Mother Uma came to Arunachala, for getting concorporate body,
she climbed the mountains, in a hurry, when Siva appeared in Ner Annamalai, she accidentally trampled on a cactus bush and the
bush caught fire and went upwards to the sky as flame.

Arunachala Siva.