Author Topic: Sri RamaKrishna says Bondage and liberation are of the mind alone  (Read 1529 times)


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"It is all a question of the mind. Bondage and liberation are of the mind alone.

The mind will take the colour you dye it with. It is like white clothes just returned from the laundry. If you dip them in red dye, they will be red. If you dip them in blue or green, they will be blue or green. They will take only the colour you dip them in, whatever it may be.

If you are in bad company, then you will talk and think like your companions. On the other hand, when you are in the company of devotees, you will think and talk only of God.

"The mind is everything. A man has his wife on one side and his daughter on the other. He shows his affection to them in different ways. But his mind is one and the same.

"Bondage is of the mind, and freedom is also of the mind. A man is free if he constantly thinks: 'I am a free soul. How can I he bound, whether I live in the world or in the forest? I am a child of God, the King of Kings. Who can bind me?'



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Re: Sri RamaKrishna says Bondage and liberation are of the mind alone
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Yes, what SRK has said about bondage and liberation, Bhagavan
Ramana has also said in a few verses:

Upadesa Undiyar, Verse 29:

Bandha Veedu atra para-sukam uttravaur
Indha nilai nitral Undhipara,
Irai PaNi nitralam Undhipara.

Abiding in this state of bliss
Beyond bondage and release,
Is steadfastness
In service of the Lord.

Irai Pani Nittral is a beautiful phrase.  Murugnar has written
some verses on this.  It is the service of the Lord or Guru.
Muruganar, who is a versatile Tamil poet, decided not to
sing on anyone excepting Bhagavan Ramana.  This is Irai
Pani Nittral.

Saint Manikkavachagar says:  En kai unakkallathu eppanium
seyyarka... Let me hands do not do any work excepting for

Again in Verse 39 of ULLadu Narpadu:

Patthanai ennu matte bandha mukti chintainaigal....

Thoughts of bondage and freedom last only as long as one feels:
"I am bound".  When one enquires of oneself, "Who am I, the
bound one?", the Self, Eternal, ever free, remains.  The thought
of bondage goes; and with it goes the thought of freedom (mukti
-liberation) too.

Arunachala Siva.