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ULLadu Narpadu - 52
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Muruganar further says in the context of verse 4 of ULLadu Narpadu,
a few more Padmalai verses:

Verse 1068:  Both in nishta and true Jnana drishti the objectification
that sees scenes other than oneself is totally non existent.

Jnana drishti is the true seeing that takes place when one abides
in the state of Jnana.  It is therefore intimately associated with
the "Infinite Eye", the andhamila kaN, as Bhagavan says.

In the state of Self abidance, (nishta), there is no one who sees,
nor are there objects that are seen.  There is only seeing.  The seeing that takes place in this state, Jnana drishti is both true seeing and true knowing.

Bhagavan Ramana says in the entry of Day by Day, dt. 17.10.1946:

You are the Self.  You exist always.  Nothing more can be predicated
of the Self than it exists.  Seeing God or the Self is only 'Being
God" or your Self.  Seeing is Being.

Bhagavan also says in Who am I? "To be still is the true Jnana
Drishti.  Knowing other people's mind, or knowing the past,
present and future and knowing what is happening at a far off
place, are not Jnana Drishti.

Verse2443:  In Jnana drishti there is only Jnana Swarupa.  Since
there is nothing other than this to be seen, this is Padam, the
expanse of consciousness or the feet of the Lord or Guru or the

In Talks No. 2, He says:"...... in the transcendental state of
identity with Brahman, places the man in harmony with everything
and there is nothing apart from the Self."

Verse 1196:  As Swarupa is non dual Jnana, the vision of Swarupa
is merely abidance as Swarupa.

Verse 1198:  True vision is that which is known through steadfast
abidance in consciousness of Being, which shines when "Suttarivu"
(objectification) is abandoned.

Verse 1320:  In the state of true Jnana drishti, wherein one is
firmly and continuously established in Self abidance, everything
is always of the nature of consciousness.

In the entry of Day by Day, dated 21.11.1945, Bhagavan says:

See with oona kaN, the physical eye and you see the world.
See with Jnana kaN, the eye of Jnana and everything appears
as Bramamayam.  (comprising Brahman alone)

Verse 1344:  Only when the tangled knot of chid-sakti has
been destroyed, will Jnana Drishti, abidance as the vast expanse
of consciousness, be possible.

Verse 1990:  First root out the confusion in your own mind. 
Then, seeing with the eye of Jnana, know everything to be the
one pure consciousness. 

Verse 2161:  "The vision of Reality", "knowledge of Reality",
"becoming Reality" -- all these denote unflagging abidance as
Atma Swarupa, the Reality.

Verse 1945:  The vision of reality that is obtained through the
revelation of the grace will completely dispel the delusion of
differentiating thoughts.

Verse 1910:  The benefit of complete and perfect Jnana-experience
is merely the cessation of the duality that perceives "I" and

Verse 2856:  In the hyperactive vision of the ego, Padam appears
as the many different sense objects, in Jnana drishti, it is the
expanse of grace.

Verse 1939:  The vision of reality is only for those in whom the experience of sense pleasures  - consisting of enjoyment of the same experiences again and again  - has become bitter and who
can therefore give them up?

Verse 1693:  Only those devotees who possess the power -
the light that flourishes, conquering the world through true
seeing - are kings.

Let us now move to Verse 5 of ULLadu Narpadu.

Arunachala Siva.