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Dog Jack in Ramana Ashramam
« on: April 24, 2010, 11:49:52 AM »
AMONG Bhagavan’s canine companions, Jacky had an honoured place. Jacky, the son of Kamala was born in Sri Ramanasramam.

This dog was both intelligent and obedient.

Once the Maharshi set out on giripradakshina with his disciples by a short-route across the hill. He asked Jacki to go down the hill to the town. Accordingly, Jack left and was sighted by the Maharshi on its way down. Midway on their walk the Maharshi changed course and walked down the hill. As they were descending, Jack was returning from the town. The Maharshi then directed Jack to go back to the ashram. Though reluctant to leave Bhagavan's company, as an obedient fellow, Jack went back to the ashram. Jack was soft and austere in his ways. His daily routine was like this: early in the morning he would visit a devadasi's (temple dancer's) house for breakfast and then go to a priest's house to accompany him to the shrine at Guha Namassivaya. After that he would go to Virupaksha cave for Bhagavan's darshan and later to a resting place nearby. Around 9.30 in the morning he would visit the shrine at Guha Namassivaya for prasadam and get back to his place of rest. Again by evening he would visit the devadasi's house for food. After supper he would go to a math to keep company with the priest. To the extent possible he would spend his time in the vicinity of Arunachaleswara, much like a yogi.

The manner of Jack's death is interesting. About three weeks prior to the Pongal festival of 1933, Jack fell ill.Even earlier, he refused to take any solid food because of which he was fed on milk. Ever since he became sick, Jack did not leave the presence of Bhagavan. The repulsive smell which is characteristic of a dying dog never emanated from him. Though his death was expected any time, he survived till the festival was over and passed away peacefully.

The parallel between Jack's death and that of Bhishma the grand warrior of the Mahabharata was not missed even by Bhagavan who said as much.

One day a ferocious pig and Jacky had a fight during which Jacky was mauled badly and his stomach was torn open and the intestines had come out. Chinnaswami, Bhagavan's brother and the manager of the Ashram, put Jacky in a basket and carried him on his head to a veterinary doctor. A major operation requiring many stitches on Jacky's stomach had to be done. After the operation, Jacky was laid on a soft bed in the mantapam across the street from the Ashram.

At the same time, Kunjuswami was suffering with severe pain from an abscess on his foot. He was also lying in the same mantapam. Both Kunjuswami and Jacky were well attended to by an Ashram devotee who also stayed in that mantapam with them.

Bhagavan came to the mantapam to enquire after the health of the patients. Kunjuswami, who could not bear the pain, cried aloud and fell at Bhagavan's feet. He begged Bhagavan to relieve him of his pain. Bhagavan, full of compassion, said, "See how Jacky is silently bearing his pain, without as much as a whimper, after such a major operation."

Looking at Jacky's endurance, Kunjuswami felt ashamed and did not complain again.

from The Friend of All Book