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Panchadasi - (40)
« on: August 21, 2008, 02:30:33 PM »
The Chapter IX continues....

Verse 105:-  Thus, when for an illumined sage there is no
injuncion, no prohibition, where is his violating them? 
Only for his can violation be possible, who is bound by them.

Verse 106:-  As a child is not subject to any injunctions and
prohibitions, he cannot be charged with their violations.  In
their absence, in the case of a man of realization too, how can
there be any violation?

Verse 107:- (Doubt):  But a boy does not know anything.
(Reply): A knower of truth knows everything.  The law
applies only to one who knows a little, not to the other two!

Verse 108:- (Doubt):-  He is a knower of Truth, who can
bless or curse with effect.  (Reply): Not that, for these powers
result from the practise of austerities, not through self-realization.

Verse 109:- (Doubt): Vyasa and others had these powers.
(Reply): But these were produced by some austerities.  Austerities
meant for knowledge are different from them, that is those for

Verse 110:- Those who practise both the types of austerities
possess both powers and knowledge,. So, for each type of
practice will produce the result appropriate to it.

Verse 111:- (Doubt):  Ascetics and ritualists, despise the saintly
monk who has neither such powers nor follow the injunctions.
(Reply):   Their austerities and rituals are also dspised by the
votaries of worldly pleasures.

Verse 112:-  (Doubt):  Monks too find a pleasure in the
acquisition of alms, clothes and shelter.  (Reply):  Then,
what wonderful renunciation  they must have, being unable
to move as it were their dispassion!   

Verse 113:- (Doubt): It does not matter if the ritualists
observing the scriptural rules are abused by the ignorant.
(Reply):  It also does not matter  if a man of realization
is abused by the ritualists who identify themselves with the
body and so observe the rules.

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.