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Full Moon on the highnoon spring - 3
« on: April 23, 2010, 11:57:07 AM »
After lunch on Day 2, we returned to the guesthouse.  I was reading
some book.  We were looking at the clock for 3 PM to run away from
the guesthouse powercut.

We returned to the Asramam by 3 PM.  On this afternoon, they
were reading Ribhu Gita, Tamil, by Ulaganatha Swami.  After tea
at 4 PM, book reading in English was started.  This was the continuation of the story of Varanasi Subbulakshmi Ammal.  Then
the Tamil book reading was from the translation of Day by Day.

In the evening, the puja started for Ramaneswara Mahalingam.
The puja went upto 6 PM.  Then the parayana started.  That
day, the Parayanana was Upadesa Undiyar, Ulladu Narpadu and
Ulladu Narpadu - Supplement in Tamil.  The dinner was at 7.30
PM.  They served on that day dosas with sambhar and curd rice.

We retired to the room by 8 PM.

On Day 3, it was Punarvasu Star day, Bhagavan's birth star.
After breakfast, we rushed to the temple.  Fortunately the crowd
was less, being a Wednesday.  Unnamulai, my cute Little Mother
and Annamalai, my cute Little Father, were in simple dress.  We
were allowed upto sanctum sanctorum.  It was perspiring because
of lack of air and there were no fans.  We had a very good darshan
of Mother and Father.  We also covered Kambathu Ilayanar (Muruga)
where Muruga appeared for Arunagiri Natha's song in a competition
with Sambandha Andan, a Sakta.  We also had darshan of Gopurathu
Ilayanar temple.  This is famous for two reasons.  Near this there
is Patala Lingam, where Bhagavan stayed for more than 25 days
without food inside a small cave where there is Lingam.  He was
bleeding with scorpion and other insect bite.  He did not know any
thing as he was in deep trance.  Seshadri Swamigal found Him and
arranged to bring Him up from the cave for dressing the wounds,
and bath and food.  Secondly, this Shrine is famous because Arunagiri Natha, in his early days, got frustrated with his life,
and wanted to jump from the tower.  As he jumped down, Muruga
took him by his hands and saved him and asked him to live singing
Him.  He gave the first line Muthai tharu pathi thirunagai...... the
first song of Tirupugazh.  This is also called KiLi Gopuram.

After visiting the other shrines inside the Temple, we returned to
the Asaramam by about 9.30 AM.  The Punarvasu special puja
had commenced.  The Lingam (Ramaneswara Maha Lingam) was
adorned with a golden gasket.  The Punarvasu star is yellow in
colour and that is the reason.  They did elaborate puja and distributed sweet pongal as prasad by about 11 am.  The lunch
was at 11.30.

After lunch, we took leave of Mr. Mani, Dr. Murthy and bookshop
officials and returned to the guest house.  We started our return
journey by about 1.30 PM.  We were seeing the Hill upto 10 KMs.
the distance upto which it could be seen in T'malai - Bangalore road.
We told Arunachala:  We shall see you again, if you will, till then
bye bye.

We reached Bangalore around 6.30 PM.  It started raining cats
and dogs from Hosur onwards.  The last 30 KMs took more than
1 hour.  It is summer in Tmalai and summer showers in Bangalore.

But we could see the full moon in the high noon spring in Tmalai
whereas we could see Bangalore only as a concrete jungle!

AruL niraivana amudha kadale
viri kathiraal yavum vizhungum - aruna
giri paramatmave kiLar uLap poo nanrai
viri parithiyaga viLangu.

                  - Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam, Tamil version
                     Verse 1.

Ocean of nectar, full of grace,
O Self Supreme, O Mount of Light
Whose spreading rays engulf all things
Shine as the Sun which makes
The Heart Lotus blossom fair.

Arunachala Siva.