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Sri Bhagavan was recounting some of the incidents of His stay in Tiruvannamalai:

1. He was one day given a small speck of some substance on a leaf,to be licked off. It was said to be a good help for digestion.He licked it. Later He had His meal. After some time, the assembled persons appeared to be surrounded by Light (tejomaya). The experience passed away after some time.

2. While He was living in Pavalakunru. He intended to have a bath in one of the rills on the hillside. Palaniswami was informed of it.The news spread, that Jada Padmanabhaswami, who was living on the Hill, had arranged with Palaniswami to take Sri Bhagavan to the hill near his cottage. Palaniswami, without informing Sri Bhagavan,managed to take Him there. A great reception awaited Him. A seat was arranged for Him, milk and fruits were offered and J. P. waited on Him with great kindness.

3. J.P., though represented in the book Self-Realisation as having sought to injure Sri Bhagavan, was really kind to Him and his pranks were misunderstood to be acts of malice. His only weakness was that he wanted to make capital out of Sri Bhagavan for raising funds; which, of course, the Maharshi did not like. There was nothing wrong with J.P.

4. Madhavaswami, the attendant, asked if Sri Bhagavan remained without food for months in the underground cellar in the temple.

M.: Um! - Um! - food was forthcoming - Milk, fruits - but whoever thought of food.

5.While staying in the mango-tree cave Sri Bhagavan used to string garlands for the images in the temple, with lotuses, yellow flowers (sarakonnai) and green leaves.

6. After the completion of the Kalyanamantapam Sri Bhagavan had stayed there one night in disguise.

7. When He was sitting under a tree in the temple compound He was covered with dirt, for He never used to bathe. In the cold nights of December He used to fold up the legs, place his head between his legs and remain there without moving. Early in the morning the layer of dirt on His body was soaked with dew and mist and appeared white.After drying up in the sun it appeared dark.

8. When living on the Hill Sri Bhagavan used to help in the pooja of J. P., ringing the bell, washing the vessels, etc.,all along remaining silent. He also used to read medical works, e.g., Ashtanga Hridayam in Malayalam and point out the treatment contained in the book for the patients who sought the other sadhu’s help. That sadhu did not himself know how to read these works.

Source: Talks With Ramana Maharshi Book


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Re: Few Reminiscences Recollected By Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi
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Some of Bhagavan's early years' reminscences are really heart melting.
After six months' ban  for people to enter into the town due cholera,
the normalcy was restored.  The Local police and special police
and the medical group wanted to spend a night with bhajans
somewhere in the town (must be near the Hill) and thank god.
Eats and cool drinks were also arranged.  The arranging party,
went to the Hill and fetched Bhagavan in the dark night with
torch lights and made Him sit in the shamiana.  They wanted
to garland Him. But He refused.  Then they offered some cool
drinks and this was also refused by Him.  I think, He took some
sweetmeats given as prasad at the end of the bhajan, which
was over by 2 am, next morning!  The party accompanied Him
to Virupaksha Cave and they profusely thanked Him, for the visit!

Arunachala Siva.