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Full Moon on the high noon of the Spring
« on: April 22, 2010, 12:02:06 PM »
I shall write one original post about my Tiruvannamalai visit.
I got permission to stay in the Asramam guest house and I and
my left on 19th morning and reached Asramam by 10 am.  We were
allotted room in Korangu Thottam, Monkey Gardens.  We visited the
Mother's Temple first and I prayed to Nataraja there and he is my
favourite form of Siva.  Then we went to Ramaneswara Mahalingam
Temple and stayed there till the lunch time.  In between, I went
to the Old Hall and was chanting within lips Sri Arunachala Akshara
Mana Malai for about 20 minutes. 

The Spring is like Summer in T'malai.  The temperature shot upto
40 degrees celsius.  There is a powercut in the guest rooms between
3 PM and 6 PM.  We always rushed to the Asramam by 2.30 PM
in the afternoons even though programme of book reading starts
only at 4 PM.  To walk upto the urinal from the Temple, on the
sands around 11 am is like walking on fire.  I was telling Suryosmi,
but perhaps my faith was less, and the feet got burnt as usual.
Each time in summer, I think about Bhagavan Ramana who walked
without sandals anytime in His 54 years in Tiruvannamalai.  That
is why He is a Brahma Jnani without mind and body and we are
all little fools praying for His grace.
Bhagavan Ramana's face is Full Moon and one can put up with
the high noon spring of T'malai.

I had been to the book shop around 11 am and purchased
the new edition of Tamil Iswara Gita.  The prose has been
done by J. Jayaraman, the Chief Librarian of Centenary Library.
The work is in Kurma Puranam and has been rendered in Tamil
verses by Sri Tattvaraya Swamigal.  I also purchased the English
version of Ellam Onre - ALL IS ONE.  This English version has also
been revised a little.
The lunch on the first day was as usual excellent.  The crowd
was less.  But there were foreigners as usual and they walked
in plain dhotis and towels as if they are having London weather.

In the afternoon, I spoke to the Sri Lankan Tamil, a lady who
is in her mid thirties.  She had been educated in London and she
can converse both in Tamil and English.  She recognized us and
spoke to us.  The talk was about Jayanti and Kanakammal's liberation on the Jayanti morning.  She said with her beaming eyes:
Sir, it is all an affirmation for us, that He is here, very much here,
and our only duty is to reinforce our faith more and more at His

In the afternoon, there was the book reading.  In Tamil, the ladies
sang Ribhu Gita for sometime, then, one gentleman read out the
Tamil version of a portion of Day by Day.  The English reading
was about Varanasi Subbulakshmi Ammal's story.  In the evening,
we again remained in the Asramam, sitting in the Samadhi Hall.
Abhishekam and Arti was done for RamanaLingam and we had
our food and adjourned for the night's rest in Korangu Thottam
guest room.  I had already paid money for the bhiksha vandanam
for 20th April.

There were a few peacocks and they danced in the evening weather
to the delight of all onlookers.  The birds were less due to hot

Arunachala Siva.