Author Topic: Sri RamaKrishna about attachment to worldly objects  (Read 1305 times)


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Sri RamaKrishna about attachment to worldly objects
« on: April 20, 2010, 12:19:27 PM »
Turning to Bijoy, who had come in, the Bhagavan continued: Shivanath, the leader of the Brahmo Samaj, has great cares, he has to edit a newspaper and do various other works In attending to worldly affairs, one naturally loses peace of mind and is overwhelmed with worries and anxieties. It is said in the Bhagavat that Avadhuta made twenty-four Gurus.

The kite was one of them. In a certain place some fishermen were catching fish, a kite swooped down and snatched a fish. Seeing the kite with the fish in its claw, hundreds of crows flew after him and began to caw, making a great noise.

In whatever direction the kite flew, the crows followed. When he flew to the south, they pursued him; when he flew to the north, they were after him, and he found no peace in any direction. At last the kite dropped the fish. Then the crows flew after the fish and the kite rested calmly on the branch of a high tree.

He thought within himself: "That fish was the cause of all this trouble. Now that I no longer have it, I am happy and in perfect peace." The Avadhuta learned from this kite that as long as a man is attached to worldly objects, so long he has toil, cares, anxiety, unrest and unhappiness. When attachment is gone, all works end, and then comes peace. But work without attachment is good; it does not bring unrest. [p. 67]



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Re: Sri RamaKrishna about attachment to worldly objects
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Dear prasanth,

Nice anecdote of Sri Ramakrishna.  He has also once used a meaphor,
of taking out fruits from the big jack fruit, for one's attachment to
worldly objects.  The jack fruit [inside] is very sticky.  So in order
to get the fruits, one has to apply oil on his hands, so that the sticky
gummy like juice inside would not stick to one's fingers and he can
take away the fruits in an easy manner.  Like that, one should move
with the world and worldly objects, with the oil of discrimination
and non attachment.  [Vivekam and Vairagyam].

Not coveting any worldly objects, nor having attachment to whatever
comes of its own, is the true hall mark of a Jnani.  Never accept a gift,
says the Guru Gita.

In a number of incidents, the devotees brought all sorts of costly
presents to Bhagavan Ramana.  Excepting fruits and delicacies which
were sufficient for distribution to everyone in the Hall, He never accepted anything.  He has touched and carefully returned the costly
sandal wood walking stick, nice Parker and other valuable pens, even
costly tonics and other such gifts.  He never accepted garlands, and if someone insist on His receiving, He would ask them to garland the
photographs of Sri Ramakrishna or some God on the dining hall.
He never accepted sandals of any kind.  He has never worn any sandals in His life.

The Avadhuta Gita has also been narrated by Him in some conversations.

Arunachala Siva.