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Panchadasi - (37)
« on: August 21, 2008, 01:15:20 PM »
The Chapter IX continues....

Verse 79:-  A certain Brahmachari used to go for alms,
keeping his mind his identity with the vital within him.

Verse 80:-  Meditation depends on the will of a man whether
he is to do or not to do it in a different way.  On should therefore
always continue the thought current.

(Knowledge once arisen cannot be prevented but meditation
depends on the will of the meditator,  so it must be continued)

Verse 81:-  A student, diligent in reciting the Vedas, reads
or recites them even in his dreams through the force of habit.
Similarly, one who practises meditation, continues it even
in his dreams.

Verse 82:-  Giving up contrary thoughts, if a man ceaselessly
meditates, he meditates even in his dreams, becuase of the
deep impression.

Verse 83:-  There is no doubt that while experiencing the
results of his fructifying karma in a man, because of his
strong impressions, is able to meditate without intermssion,
just as a man attached to wordly objects always thinks of them.

Verse 84:-  A woman devoted to a paramour, though engaged
in household duties, will all the time be dwelling in mind on the
pleasures with him.

Verse 85:- While enjoying in mind the pleasures of the company
of her lover, her household duties though not much disturbed,
are managed indifferently.

Verse 86:-  The woman with attachment to a paramour cannot
fully do the work as a woman attached to her domestic duties
does, with enthusiasm.

to be contd.....

Aruncahala Siva.