Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi says success and failure are the results of prarabdha  (Read 2238 times)


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Devotee.: What are the means for gaining will-power?


Your idea of will-power is success insured.Will-power should be understood to be the strength of mind which makes it capable for meeting success or failure with equanimity. It is not synonymous with certain success. Why should one’s attempts be always attended with success? Success develops arrogance and the man’s spiritual progress is thus arrested. Failure on the other hand is beneficial, inasmuch as it opens the eyes of the man to his limitations and prepares him to surrender himself. Self-surrender is synonymous with eternal happiness. Therefore one should try to gain the equipoise of mind under all circumstances. That is will-power.

Again, success and failure are the results of prarabdha and not of will-power. A man may be doing only good and noble actions and yet prove a failure. Another may do otherwise and yet be uniformly successful. This does not mean that the will-power is present in the one and not in the other.

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Bhagavan Ramana says in ULLadu Narpadu - Anubandham:

That Prarabdha, Agami and Sanchita - all the three would leave
a Jnani.  If a king is having three wives, and the king dies,
all the three wives become widows.  Not one can remain a sumangali.

This is a controversial verse.  All Hindu scriptures say that
Prarabdha is like an arrow already shot by the hunter even at
the time of your birth; just because one becomes a Jnani, the
prarabdha would not leave, as the arrow would not leave just
because the prey is a cow and not a tiger.

But Bhagavan Ramana clarified:  For a Brahma Jnani, where there
is no mind and ego, he effects of such prarabdha would never
be felt.  The feelings of misery and sufferings or happiness and
enjoyment -- all come due to mind-body complex. 

This fact was proved when Ramana was in His last days of terminal

Arunachala Siva.