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ULLadu Narpadu - 43
« on: April 17, 2010, 03:35:47 PM »
There was a conversation between a Vaishnavite and Bhagavan Ramana.

V:-  Can I pray to Narayana?

B:-  Why not?  Pray to him intensely.

V:  Then what will happen?

B:-  You will go to Vaikunta!

V:-  What will happen in Vaikunta?

B:-  You will be among all Narayana bhaktas.  You will see Narayana
in all grandeur sitting there in Vaikunta.  You will love his form
and love him intensely there. 

V:  If I continue to sit in Vaikunta with Narayana bhaktas and keep
gazing at his grandeur with all love, what will happen?

B:  If Narayana is pleased with you, one day he will call you near
and tell you in ears:  "Please inquire Who am I?"


Sri Lakshmana Sarma states in his Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad:

Verse 58:-  Indifferent to the actual experience of the Real Self,
the sectarians affirm their dogmas with fanatical vehemence, saying,
"There is a Reality". "There is none", "It has a form", "It is formless",
"It is One", "It is twofold", "It is neither".

Verse 59:-  There is no end to logical discussions, for logic does
not come to rest anywhere.  The Supreme transcends the world.
How can it become known by the logical mind?

Verse 60:- Since the Sage has no creed of his own, he never
engages in useless discussions.  All creeds are approved of by
him.  He does not (seek to) unsettle the faith of anyone.

Verse 61:-  Therefore, the true aspirant, with a mind at peace,
cease from hatred of other faiths and from all disputations, and
engage in sadhana as taught by his own faith, intent on winning
the Deliverance.

Verse 62:-  There are two creeds held respectively, by those
who say the world is real and those who say that it is unreal.
The earnest aspirant for Deliverance can win experience of the
Truth of the Self without taking up a definite sand on this question.

Arunachala Siva.