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ULLadu Narpadu - (42)
« on: April 17, 2010, 03:10:00 PM »
Kapali Sastri comments as under - (abbreviated):

The philosophic disputations with reference to the reality or
unreality of the world, or as to whether it is conscient or inconscient,
sorrow or delight, are all futile as the solution to the problem is
not by the way of intellect at all.  It is only an exalted state of
the Self that could remove all doubts and misconceptions.

The various systems, even those that are opposed to each other,
like the dvaita and advaita, though they may in disagree in certain
fundamentals, are agreed upon the necessity of some kind of inner
discipline, bhakti yoga or jnana yoga, to realize their respective
aims, and in no spiritual practice, in no sadhana that is earnest,
is there room for thought of the world or for the ego self, as the
discipline followed in any method lies in a concentrated reaching
forth of the whole being towards the Goal, whether it is Truth
or Self or God.  Hence the exalted state of the Self where the ego
lives not, nor the world is seen - is a state removed from all
uncertainties which to the end beset the intellectual mind, which
is trained or habituated to move between probables and possibles.

Because of the absence of difference between the subject and
object (seer and seen) in the Infinite Self in which the world, soul
and God find their oneness. Extricating the intellect from indulgence
in wasteful arguments, releasing the mind from the worldly attachments, resolving it, and remaining established in one's
own form of bliss is the only only solution acceptable to all.,
It is beyond any dissension and condemnation, while all else are
accepted by some and rejected by others. 

Kanakammal says that it is to understand this state, Bhagavan
Ramana gave the example of deep sleep - sushupti, as a common
experience to all.  It is the state of deep sleep, that everyone loves
to be in. It is the preponderance of the ego or mind (and therefore
the world), that is the obstacle to bliss in wakeful and dream states,
which in deep sleep stands removed and is destroyed permanently
in the non-dual state of Atman called Turiya.

This State of Bliss is beyond all verbal wrangles.

Gaudapada says in his Karika of Maandukya Upanishad:

I salute this Yoga known as Asparsa (free from all touch which
implies duality), taught through the scripture -- the Yoga which
promotes happiness of all beings and conduces to the well-being
of all and which is free from strife and contradictions.

We approve the Ajati or non-creation declared by them.  We do
not quarrel with them.  Now, hear from us the Ultimate Reality -
which is free from all disputations. 

How can he, who believes that the naturally immortal can ever
become mortal, maintain that the immortal, after passing through
birth, retains its changeless nature?

Arunachala Siva.