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Panchadasi - (36)
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The chapter IX continues....

Verse 70:-  (Doubt): Combining and thinking of these indications,
do not fit with meditation on the attributeless Brahman. (Reply);
Then, you doubt is directed to Vyasa himself, and not against
me alone!

Verse 71:- (Doubt):  As (Vyasa) has not asked for the inclusion
of the forms susch as of the sn with golden beard etc., meditation
on the attributeless Brahman is not contradicted by him.  (Reply):
Be satisfied with that.  We also do not ask for that.

(Chandogya Up. 1.6.6.)

Verse 72:-  (Doubt): Qualities are only indirect indications. They
cannot enter into the true nature of Brahman.  (Reply):  Let them
be so.  Meditate on Brahman thus indicated.

Verse 73:- (Doubt):  The Self is here indirectly indicated by
positive qualities like'bliss' etc.,  and by negative qualities like
'not gross' etc.,  One should meditate on the indivisible,
homogeneous Self as "That I am".

Verse 74:- (Doubt): What is the difference between the knowlege
and and meditation?  (Reply):  Listen, knowledge depends on the
object, whereas mediation depends on the will of the person

Verse 75:- By the practise of enquiry, the knowledge of Brahman
arises.  Then it cannot be prevented whether one likes it or not.
Such knowledge, by the mere fact of its arising, destroys all
the ideas of the reality of the world.

Verse 76:-  On acquiring knowledge the aspirant experiences
unbroken satisfaction and a feeling of having accomplished all
that was to be accomplished.  He becomes liberated in life and
awaits the wearing out of his fructifying karma.

Verse 77:-  On the other handm a believing man, putting his
faith in the teachings of his teacher and without practising
enquiry, should meditate on the object prescribed without
being distracted by other thoughts.

Verse 78:-  He should continue the practise of meditation
until he realizes himself to be identical with his object of
meditation and then continue this thought till death.

(Brahma Sutras 4.1.12)

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.