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Major Chadwick's Day - 17.4.2010 - (11)
« on: April 17, 2010, 11:22:34 AM »
Major Chadwick (Sadhu Arunachala) says in the final pages
of his Reminsicences of a Sadhu:

A Brahma Nishta's (Atmic force never leaves his body.  It is within
his Heart for ever.  If his Samadhi is constructed and maintained
in a proper manner, those who go to such Samadhi, will his grace
from his Samadhi.  -  This is what Sanskrit Sastas say.

In the famous Tamil book Tiru Mandiram, it is said that a Brahma Jnani whether, he is in the body or not, he is ever Brahmam.  He always guides and graces his devotees even after his leaving the body.  Out of the 16 digits (Kalas=Powers) of a Brahma Jnani, the most powerful digit  (Kala= Power) is left behind.

Bhagavan Ramana also told :  Where can I go?  I am ever here.

Ramana's force is still in His Samadhi.
From His Samadhi, He showers His abundant Grace.

An electric lamp sheds light throughout the length and breadth of the room.  But near the lamp, a man finds more light.  This is
what a Brahma Jnani does.  His Grace spreads Light throughout
the world.  But His Light is experienced more from His Samadhi.

There is no need for any Pramana for these words. My own experience is pramana.   

It is not a wonder.  Please come to His Samadhi and experience it.

(A Sadhu's Reminiscences.  Major Chadwick, (Sadhu Arunachala) )

Arunachala Siva.