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Guru Vachaka Kovai says:

Verse 310:

The ignorant ego is the cause of the appearance of the utter
delusion, the profitless feeling of difference.  This feeling of
difference, makes your regard the non-dual supreme reality, the
Atma Swarupa, the real nature of Guru and Siva, as split into
Guru-disciple, Siva-Jiva, and so on.  The true meaning of the namaskram that you perform to them (Siva and the Guru), fully
aware of and in a fitting manner, is only the mauna ("Thannilaiyil
Nitral" in the verse of ULLadu Narpadu), in which the ignorant ego
does not rise even slightly in the Heart.

Muruganar adds his own comments:

As the knowledge of difference is itself Ajnana, it is said to be the
profitless feeling of difference'.  'Knowledge of multiplicity is ignorance", says ULLadu Narpadu.  Unless the ego mind rises
first, there will be no room for the appearance of differences,
which are many.  Therefore ego is the basis of all differences.
Sicne the rise of the ego differentiates Guru and Siva from oneself
only the Mauna in which the ego ceases is the truth of upasana,
(worship) that unites them (Guru and Siva) with the Heart.
While staying that Mauna alone is the meaning of namaskaram,
in addition He (Bhagavan) has described (in this verse) the nature of
Mauna. It is this Mauna that is described as Pure Silence (Suddha
Mounam) by Tayumanavar.

Saint Tayumanavar song (in Paraparakanni, verse 276) is as

O Supreme of Supreme (Paraparam)
If the pure silence (Suddha Mounam)
arises within me,
my mind will be silence,
my actions and words, all
will be silence.

(Source: Guru Vachaka Kovai, David Godman, Eng. Trans.)

Arunachala Siva.