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Major Chadwick's Day - 17.4.2010 - (10)
« on: April 16, 2010, 11:35:49 AM »
Devaraja Mudaliar had a room constructed for him near the Asramam
(at Palakottu?) and he was about to enter the new room.  He wanted
Bhagavan Ramana to come and grace his new residence.  Bhagavan
came and was about to leave and Mudaliar made a request to Him
to visit Mr. Chadwick as he was ill for about two weeks, or so, confined
to his bed and was just convalescing. He had not even been going to
the Hall all this time.  On his behalf, Devaraja Mudaliar appealed
to Bhagavan, "If Bhagavan will kindly pay a visit to his room also,
he will be very grateful and also he will get well soon."

Bhagavan replied:  "You have probably told him, and a number of
people will have collected there already.  I don't want all this fuss."

Again, Mudaliar told Bhagavan: "No one will be there. Even Mr.
Chadwick does not know for certain that Bhagavan will visit him.
I only told him, I would try to bring Bhagavan.  Neither of us told
anyone about it and I shall see that nobody else goes there now."

Thereupon Bhagavan graciously went and paid a visit to Mr.
Chadwick.  He was so devoted to Bhagavan that it was no wonder
that Bhagavan consented to visit him.

(Mr. Chadwick was horripilated when he saw Bhagavan near his
bed.  He wanted to rise from his bed but Bhagavan Ramana told
him, not to.  Soon Mr. Chadwick got well and resumed his daily
visits to the Hall, and meditating.)

(Source:  My Recollections of Bhagavan Sri Ramana, A. Devaraja

Arunachala Siva.